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Looking for Information About Brindle Pit Bulls? Read These Facts

Facts and Information About Brindle Pit Bulls
The color of a dog's coat does not have any bearing on its personality. Thus, a brindle Pit Bull is as much a Pit Bull as a chocolate or a moo-moo. But if you're still curious, DogAppy has everything you need to know about the beautiful brindle Pit Bulls.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Dubious breeders may lead gullible first-time pet seekers to believe that brindle Pit Bulls are a rare breed, and thus charge a bomb for these puppies. Firstly, understand that 'brindle' is just a coat pattern, and it has nothing to do with the dog's behavior or personality. In fact, while buying or adopting a pet, you are urged to pay more attention to the animal's health, food, and exercise requirements.
At the risk of sounding repetitive, let it be known that the information and facts mentioned here will apply to all American Pit Bull Terriers, irrespective of the color of their coat or nose. We're going to be dealing with everything related to this much-misunderstood breed―caring for them, understanding their temperament, and training them likewise.

Pit Bulls make amazing pets, contrary to the popular opinion of our times, and you need to study a bit of their history, to understand where the many stories of uncalled-for aggression are stemming from.
What do Brindle Pit Bulls look like?
The only feature that makes brindle Pit Bulls unique is their coat. The coat comes in varied shades of brown, going as dark as black. This dark coat has tiger stripes crisscrossing all over the body. Brindle patterned coats may be entire, or appear in patches over the dog's body.
Underneath this coat, your dear Pit Bull is the same, adorable dog as any other. Instead of buying your dog from a breeder, it is advisable to check your local animal shelter―there are chances that your soon-to-be best friend is already waiting for you. Plus, an adoption fee is a fraction of what you'd be paying a breeder, so it's a definite win-win.
Adorable puppy
Stafford shire puppy
Your Pit Bull will have a broad head, more so between the cheeks, in order to accommodate the wide jaw. This is a very unique feature, which gives the Pit Bulls the broadest smile among all breeds. And no, Pit Bulls DO NOT have locking jaws. In fact, there is no such thing as 'locking jaws'.
They have a thick neck and a stocky, muscular body. The ears are floppy―mind you, there is no reason why you should be cropping them. The coat is short, dense, and shiny.
Over the years, the APBT's reputation has taken a severe hit, no thanks to irresponsible breeding and dogs being raised to participate in blood sports. There was a time when these dogs were billed as the 'nursemaid's dog', owing to their immensely loving nature.
American Stafford shire terrier
Stafford shire terrier dog
They are not people-haters
It is unfortunate how Pit Bulls have been exploited due to their extreme desire to please their owners. These dogs crave approval and affection, and can go to great lengths to achieve it. Plus, Pit Bulls have traditionally been military dogs, and they have a tendency to endure pain in the effort of fulfilling the task assigned to them. Therefore, it is simply inhumane on our part to assume these creatures to be people-haters or aggressive biters.
What can you expect
The American Pit Bull Terrier is a rather happy, comical, immensely loyal and affectionate family pet who is well-behaved around children and adults. You'd be surprised to know that he is also obedient, owing to his inherent will to please his master. Extremely bold, courageous, and intelligent, this dog is full of energy. Note that pitties are very territorial by nature, and go to great lengths to fight with anyone whom they perceive to be a threat to their owner or their territory.
Sounds frightening?
Well, don't be. Remember the pitte's innate desire to please his master? Well, it is in your hands to train your dog to be calm and well-mannered at all times. Pit Bulls require behavioral training and active socialization with humans and other animals (pets) right since a young age to tame their natural aggressiveness. With the right kind of training, your beloved pooch will be everything that you want―friendly, playful, and protective at the same time.
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