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Facts About the Quirky and Playful Welsh Terrier Dog Breed

Facts about Welsh Terrier Dog Breed
Although the quirky and energetic Welsh Terrier looks very similar to the Airedale Terrier, its temperament and behavior are very different. Here are some very interesting facts about the Welsh Terrier dog breed.
Malvika Kulur
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Quick Fact!
Welsh Terriers are very intelligent dogs, and this trait of theirs is reflected in their decision-making ability.
Originating in Wales, the Welsh Terrier was originally bred for hunting rodents, fox, and badgers. Due to its overall appearance and behavior, this dog breed is now bred for dog shows. Earlier, it was called the Old English Terrier, Old Reddish-Black Wirehaired Terrier, and the Black-and-Tan Wire Haired Terrier. It was introduced to America in 1888 by Prescott Lawrence.
Welsh terrier dog
Welsh terrier dog
The Welsh Terrier is a handful for new dog owners, but with love and good training, this breed is a joy to have. Dogs of this breed are independent, intelligent, protective, and playful, which make everyone fall in love with them. They are great with children and are also very friendly with other dogs, making them an amazing companion to have. If you are contemplating on buying or adopting a puppy, then all the information about Welsh Terrier dog breed that you wish to know is given in this DogAppy article.
Fact Sheet
Like I mentioned above, the Welsh Terrier looks very similar to an Airedale Terrier, but the former are much smaller. The Welsh Terrier is a medium-sized dog that weighs approximately 20 to 22 pounds, and it grows about 15.5 inches tall. The physical features of the Welsh Terrier are as follows:
Welsh terrier puppy
Welsh terrier puppy
  • Its body is rectangular in shape.
  • The shape of its face is brick-like and elongated, due to the presence of whiskers and a beard.
  • The head, underbelly, and legs are tan in color, and the coloring of its back is darker - sometimes black or brown.
  • It is not compulsory to dock the tail off, as the original size of the tail is a couple of inches longer than the size of a docked tail.
Welsh terrier in chair
Welsh terrier in chair
High on life, energetic, active, friendly, and social are some of the qualities that dogs of this breed are endowed with. Welsh Terriers are excellent family dogs. They are great with children of all ages. They do have a mind of their own and therefore, should be trained well to obey commands. In some cases, housebreaking the puppy is a little difficult, but with patience, love, and by following a disciplined and strict approach, it can be done.
The peculiar trait that is seen in most Welsh Terriers is that they become a little talkative when bored. They are brave and intelligent; hence, they should be trained well (like a guard dog/family dog).
Play Time
Welsh terrier on hurdle
Welsh terrier on hurdle
The Welsh Terrier is a breed that needs physical activity to be happy and fit. It gets bored easily, so take it for a walk in the park or allow it to play, etc., to keep it occupied. Playing with children is something that they love to do. The easiest way to keep them energetic and playful all their life is by playing with them every day and taking them with you and your family for swimming or somewhere outside for a stroll.
They love digging and chasing toys, so you should think of making a designated play area for this breed.
The Welsh Terrier is an overall healthy dog breed having a lifespan of around 10 to 12 years. These dogs stay energetic, happy, and quirky all their life if looked after well. Due to their dense fur, these dogs are prone to getting mild skin irritations.
The only fact about the Welsh Terrier dog breed that is a little annoying is that it needs a lot of grooming, even though it hardly sheds any fur. This breed is one of the few that perspires through sweat glands, making its coat a tad smelly, if not brushed or bathed regularly. Apart from the bathing and brushing, the coat of this dog needs to be plucked and trimmed, so that there is no accumulated dead undercoat or fur. The coat should be combed regularly with a medium-sized comb. There are brushes specifically made for Terriers, which are called Terrier pads available in the market.