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Enchanting Facts About the German Shepherd-Golden Retriever Mix

Facts About the German Shepherd-Golden Retriever Mix
If you are looking for a friendly, intelligent, and active dog as a pet companion then the German Shepherd-Golden Retriever Mix is an excellent choice.
Mary Anthony
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Mix and Match!
Designer Breeds are mostly 'designed' because people these days prefer a healthy, happy, and a long-living pet with selective traits.
They are also known as Golden Shepherd and are created by mixing two very intelligent, and active breeds. The quality and traits of this designer breed match the parent breeds in every way. They turn out to be obedient and well-groomed dogs, this breed is recognized by the Dog Registry of America, Inc, International Designer Canine Registry and American Canine Hybrid Club.
The Parental Lineage
German Shepherd
◾ Officially known as the German Shepherd Dog, it's a large-sized working dog originating from Germany.

◾ They are mainly used to herding sheep, but as they possess the exceptional traits of intelligence and obedience they are also used in search-and-rescue, police force, and military force.

◾ Physically, they are stocky and muscular, with a wide head and a strong jawline. Their ears are long and have a thick coat. They are highly active and have an eagerness to learn new things besides being excellent protectors.
Golden Retriever
◾ They are the 'Retriever' breed which basically means they are used for retrieving game birds during shooting and hunting parties.

◾ They are large-sized breed and love the waters. Being an intelligent and versatile breed, they are also employed as a guide dog for the blind, hunting, rescue operations and detection.

◾ Physically, they are strong with a water-repellent coat. They are loyal and very friendly in nature and great pet companions.
And when these two dogs are bred together they create the hybrid breed Golden Shepherd.
Facts About the Golden Shepherd
Physical Traits
Mixed Breed Dog
This mix breed imbibes all the traits of its parents and appears physically strong and muscular like the German Shepherd with smooth wavy coat in a variety of colors. The head is broad and eyes are almond shaped and set deep. The ears are short and flappy that hang down close to the cheek just like the Golden Retriever. Their body weight is 60 to 85 lbs and height is 20 to 26 inches. The normal life expectancy of this breed is 10 to 13 years.
Most of the temperamental traits of this breed are adopted from the German Shepherd and they are alert, smart, active, and outdoorsy that make them excellent guard dogs. They are water lovers and are loyal, friendly, easy to train and they try to please the owner all the time-these qualities are imbibed from the Golden Retriever.
Training & Exercise
They have a knack for learning and adapting to new things quickly. They need an environment where they can play and get plenty of outdoor exercises like running, long walks, and swimming. Training them is easy as they are very obedient but a little patience is required in handling their behavior.
Grooming & Health
Basic grooming like combing the coat with a solid bristle, bathing, and shampooing them should be done regularly along with ear cleaning. They may be prone to diseases similar to the parent breed such as joint dysplasia, arthritis, degenerative spine stenosis, hip dysplasia, ear diseases, degenerative myelopathy, Von Willebrand's Disorder, a genetic bleeding disorder, cancer and heart problems.
Behavior with Pets and Other Animals
They are extremely fond of children and can be great play companions, they have a natural quality of being an intelligent watchdog. They are excellent guide dogs as well, and get along with other pets.
Golden Shepherds not only keep your house well-guarded, they also make for a loyal and loving pet companion for life.
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