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Dry Skin Remedies for Dogs

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Dec 1, 2018
If your dog is scratching itself too hard, dry skin may be the main reason behind this behavior. Here are some treatment methods that you can consider.
Just like human skin, even a dog's skin needs to be taken care of. Healthy skin is very essential for dogs so that it doesn't affect any important functions and also keeps them cheerful at all times.
It's very important that you know the importance of dog care and all of its basic requirements like a proper nutrition, daily exercise program, and above all, love and affection. Dry skin on dogs is quite a common problem. It worsens during cold months as exposure to the sun is minimum, which causes the skin to become dry and itchy.
There are different kinds of skin creams, moisturizers, and lotions meant for human beings to avoid this problem. Fortunately, due to the advancements in medical science, there are many products in the market to target this problem in dogs as well.

On the Nose

A dog's nose is the most important part of its personality. Dry skin on the nose can lead to many health problems.
  • The sun's heat is the main cause. Too much sun exposure is bound to make the dog's nose dry and sometimes it causes a severe burn. Dogs spending lots of time outside should also be given lots of water to drink so that they remain hydrated.
  • Sometimes, a dry nose can also be a result of poor air circulation. Make sure that there's proper air ventilation in your house so that your dog's nose remains wet.
  • Another common reason is your dog is spending a lot of time near an artificial heat source (a chimney or an electronic appliance).
  • A dry nose may also be a symptom of lethargy, appetite loss, diarrhea, and vomiting. Make sure you consult a vet as soon as you can.

On the Elbow

Dogs which are slightly older are more likely to develop large calluses on their elbows. These calluses are nothing but areas of skin which have become thick because of constant friction and pressure. There's no need to worry provided there's no redness or inflammation.
In severe cases, calluses lead to dry skin and then gradual bleeding from the elbows. If your dog's elbow has dry skin, you can use some lotion or cream after consulting your vet. Vitamin E oil is also a good healer. Make sure your dog rests on soft surfaces for effective healing.

On the Belly

Dry skin on the stomach of the dog can be a cause of concern. This can happen for a lot of reasons. Your pet must have consumed unhealthy food, there could be fleas inside the fur, and the constant itching and scratching might have made the problem worse.
It's usually during winter that dogs may have dry skin on their stomach. Another potential reason is consumption of unhealthy dog food. So it is always recommended that you feed your dog home-cooked food.


You can find remedies for dry skin in your kitchen itself. Simply implement the following tips.
  • Make sure your dog's bath water is mixed well with 1 tsp each of dried sage and thyme, and a pinch of Epsom salt.
  • Another great remedy is the usage of cold chamomile tea for bathing your pet.
  • Use fresh aloe vera juice for effective healing of dry skin patches.
  • Make sure that you handle your dog with care. Avoid rubbing the skin and use warm, not hot water for bathing. Use a herbal dog shampoo and leave it on for several minutes, this allows it to work properly. An oatmeal bath is also a great way to get rid of dry and flaky skin.
  • For drying, use a hand towel and rub very softly. Make sure you brush your dog's coat after a bath.
Follow these given tips and your dog will be happy and cheerful within some weeks. If the problem persists, get him/her checked by a qualified and experienced vet.