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Dry Nose Symptoms in Dogs

Dry Nose Symptoms in Dogs
Dry nose is a common health problem in dogs that can put the owner in a lot of confusion. This article gives some useful information about dry nose symptoms in dogs.
Reshma Jirage
Last Updated: Jan 22, 2018
Generally, wet nose of a dog is associated with the dog's good health. Your dog's nose remains wet due to humidity produced in the lateral nasal glands of the nose. In case of dehydration, your dog's nose becomes dry temporarily indicating a possible underlying health problem. Your dog's nose may also become dry due to changes in the temperature (dry in cold, moist in warm conditions) and humidity levels during the day and not necessarily because it is sick. This is a normal occurrence and can happen a few times in a day. A dog that has recovered from a viral infection at an early age, may suffer from dry nose permanently.
What Causes Dry Nose in Dogs?
This is a common cause of a dry nose in dogs. If your dog is sick and has an extremely dry nose, it may be due to fever.
Dry nose in dogs is caused mainly by infections, which may affect your dog's whole body or may be centered in the nose. There are some changes in the appearance of your dog's nose at this time. It may become flaky and crusty in texture. There may be a loss of pigmentation. If the dog's nose is cracked, then it can cause extreme pain to the dog and you must immediately contact a veterinarian for a check up, especially if the nose starts to scab or has remained so for a long time.
Along with such symptoms, you should also look for considerable changes in its behavior. If your dog is ill, then it often has a warm, dry nose along with other symptoms including reduced or loss of appetite, lethargy, depression, fever, diarrhea or vomiting.
Dermatological Problem
In case there is an absence of other physical signs and there may be certain dermatological problems such as Pemphigus Foliaceus in the nasal area. An itchy and cracking nose is also a sign that your pet may be suffering from other dermatological health problems or a flu. If your dog's nose becomes light pink in color, then you should consult the vet dermatologist about skin protection. It may be due to solar dermatitis in pets which means that your dog could be at a high risk of developing skin cancer.
Respiratory Problem
If the dog's dry nose is accompanied by nasal discharge, coughing or sneezing and it appears to be struggling to breathe properly, this is not normal and it could be a sign of a respiratory problem. Nevertheless, the dog must be treated soon.
Dry nose symptoms can also arise in a dog if its nose has come in contact with anything it is allergic to. Pay attention to the new things that may have been introduced in its environment. Some dogs are sensitive towards a few ingredients found in their food like wheat, animal by-products and even chemicals found in plastic . Ensure that you use stainless steel utensils to feed the dog.
If your dog is suffering from dry nose, you should give it plenty of liquids more frequently. You can add small quantity of milk to its drinking water. Keep your dog clean. Application of moisturizer is also helpful to keep the nose moist. However, if the condition persists for a long time, then you should take your dog to the veterinarian to seek an appropriate treatment. Dry nose can be one of signs of serious health problems in dogs.
Disclaimer: This article does not seek to replace medical advice. Please do consult a certified veterinarian for the diagnosis of your pet's health ailment(s).
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