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Dry Dog Food Reviews

Here are some dry dog food reviews that you must check out before purchasing a product for your pooch. Have a look.
DogAppy Staff
Today there are a number of options available in the dog food category. Products from various brands are available in the market, each one claiming to be the best for your dog's health. More the options, more is the confusion on choosing the right one. Moreover, there are various varieties in dog food, canned, dry, and wet are the three main types. Wet food is known to be good for hydration in dogs, canned is best for constipation problems. Dry food is known to have some advantages over wet and canned food. Firstly it is an inexpensive alternative to the other types. The food also keeps teeth and gums healthy apart from being more tasty. Here are some reviews available that will definitely help you know about the best products available in the market.
With boned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, and many other meats and meals, Orijen is best one according to various reviews. All ingredients used in it are known to be of higher quality, making it a healthy option. With high protein content and high quality carbohydrate sources, this is one of those products getting top ratings. The only negative part of this high protein dog food is its price which is about USD 36 for 15.4 pound bag.
BLUE Small Breed Adult Dog Fish and Brown Rice Recipe
This is one of the best dog food formulated to fulfill the essential needs of small breed dogs. With proteins from high quality sources, whole grains, like oats, brown rice, barley, and best vegetables, like carrots, sweet potatoes, etc., this is a perfect package for small breeds.
Canidae All Life Stage Grain Free Salmon Meal Formula Dry Dog Food
With super high protein content, this is one of the best dog food in the market for dogs with higher energy requirements. 80% meat protein, 20% vegetables and fruit, and 0% grain is what its content is made up of. Moreover, it is known to have superior digestibility, hence one of the healthiest dog food there can be.
Innova EVO Dry
Innova EVO is another product rated well in various reviews due to its high meat content, quality ingredients, and fruits and vegetables content. It also has a high meat content along with high quality carbohydrate content from sources like potatoes. Due to the rich protein content, this is not recommended for some dogs, especially puppies. 13.2 pound bag of this dog food will cost you around 25 USD to 63 USD.
Acana Provincial Pacifica Grain Free Dry Dog Food
This top rated dog food with omega 3 is made from fresh regional fish. Its contents include organic sea vegetables and prairie botanicals, and it is a low carbohydrate, grain free food. The top listed ingredients include salmon meal, fresh boneless salmon, fresh boneless herring, herring meal, peas, russet potato, and fresh boneless flounder along with many other right ingredients.
While buying one, make sure the ingredients are checked well. Also, consulting a veterinarian for the best food for your dog is a great idea. He/she will be able to suggest you 2 - 3 products that you can go for. Though ratings are good way to know the best products, the results might differ in case of each dog breed. The food comparison, after using it and noticing the results, will help you pick the best one for your pooch. So, keep reading and checking various brands to feed your dog the best of it.