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Dogs' Sleeping Positions And Their Meanings

Dogs' Sleeping Positions And Their Meanings
Dogs often lead busy lives that are filled with bouts of barking, chasing or being chased, begging for food, rolling in stinky goop, and napping. Sleeping is a ritual that consumes around 16 hours of their day. Now, this might sound easy, but it takes more than just the perfect location; it takes a good position for a good nap.
Shruti Bhat
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Sleepy dog in a cap with a pillow.
Bed-time circling ritual
Contrary to popular belief, circling in one place before sleeping isn't just for fun or tantrums, it's a ritual that goes back eons. It heads right back to the time when a dog made small nests by stomping down the grass.
The Side Sleeper
Sleeping on its sides usually indicates that the dog is napping. During which, it is well aware of its surroundings, but simply doesn't wish to participate. Well, unless there's crinkling of food wrappers involved. You can even find your puppy snoring, twitching, and having REMS (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep) while sleeping on its side. But don't be fooled, even in this state, it's listening to your plans of giving it a B-A-T-H or taking it to the V-E-T.
Flat as a Lizard
Sleeping flat, like a lizard, with its legs stretched out, is not just an indication of good health but also an easy and quick way to lower the body temperature.
Curling Up
A dog generally sleeps in a curled up position to protect its internal organs from predators. It also conveys a message that it doesn't wish to interact or be disturbed. You'll often find a dog with short or single coat fur curled up. This helps to conserve its body heat. It also indicates that the dog is feeling cold.
Cuddle Buddy
If your pooch shares a bed with you, you'll often find it sleeping with its back touching yours. This position indicates your canine friend is literally watching your back. Sleeping back-to-back also indicates that the dog is bonding and feels safe, protective, and protected by its cuddle buddy.
Paws Up in Air
Now, this is a popular pose wherein a dog sleeps on its back with all its paws up in the air. This often indicates that it is in for a long, deep slumber. Sleeping on the back ensures better sleep for the dog as it helps to keep itself cool and ensures that its muscles and belly are completely relaxed. You might even observe that your puppy is dreaming, barking softly, having rapid eye movement (REM), twitching, whining, kicking, and at times, even running in its sleep.