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List of Dog Tricks

List of Dog Tricks
You have a dog at home and you are eager to teach him some tricks. This article provides a list of dog tricks. You can read all about it and teach your dog something new to do. This process is a lot of fun and is very rewardig to both, the owner and the dog.
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Dogs like to obey. It gives them security ~ James Herriot
If you have decided to teach your dog some tricks, you should know how. It's very simple, but also needs time and patience. You also need to give incentives such as treats and enough words of encouragement to your dog with every trick that they perform. This will encourage them to obey every command of yours.
Sit and Stand
This is a favorite trick of many dogs and they love to perform this. You should know how to train a dog to sit and to stand. Just say 'sit' and watch them sit down or say 'stand' and they will be up on their hind legs. To encourage them, whenever they perform successfully, you have to give them some sort of incentive.
This is needed when you are out walking the dog. Sometimes, dogs, specially those who are not put in a leash, have a habit of wandering around on their own. During that time, you have to teach them how they have to walk near you so that they cannot go far. So, saying 'heel' and then keeping them near you, is what you have to teach them. This is also useful if your dog attacks someone, you can easily call them back without much trouble.
Saying Hello
This is one of the many amazing tricks that you can impress everyone with.Teach them how to put their heads on the knees of the person who is sitting down as a sign of welcome. I am sure that your guests will be impressed and think good of your obedient dog.
Shake Hands
What would you think, if a dog walks up to you and extends his hands..(I mean paws), and shakes hands or paws with you, just like a human would do? I am sure you would think, "what a well mannered dog". Would you like other people to think the same about yours? I am sure you do.
Just throw something with some treats attached to it in the air and say 'fetch', and for the treat, the dog will go and bring back the thing to you. You can either throw a tennis ball, or maybe a newspaper. Slowly, they will even learn to fetch your slippers and the newspapers for you when you come home from the outside.
Next time when you are dog training, just keep a watch as to when they yawn. The moment he starts yawing, just say loudly, 'yawn' or some other command such as 'sleepy', so that the next time he hears that word, he will be able to recognize it and start yawning.
Balancing a Book
This is one the advanced tricks. Just balance a book, but make sure that you use a book that will be light enough for them to balance. Keep it on top of their head and command your dog to 'stay'. Hold on to the book for at least 3 or 4 seconds and then release it. After that, give the dog some training treats. Increase the number of seconds the book is supposed to balanced. Slowly with time, you will see how your dog has perfected this.
Some Other Tricks
Just make sure that you do not force your dogs to perform these tricks. Make them love it, not hate it or fear it.
  • Balance a cookie on the nose
  • Wave
  • Hide the eyes
  • Hide the face
  • Roll over
  • Sneeze
  • Pray
  • Speak
  • Beg
  • Play dead
  • Turn off the light
  • Crawl
  • Bow
  • Kiss
  • Growl
  • Dig
  • Ring the bell
  • Walk backwards
  • Ride a skateboard
  • Smile
  • Whistle
  • Weave between legs
And the list goes on. It's a great experience, teaching dogs how to perform some easy as well as some difficult tricks. However, please do not force them to learn something which they do not want to learn. They should be able to love these tricks. Also, be firm, but not too hard on them. They should not perform these tricks out of fear. Enjoy and let them enjoy too!
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