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Dog Training Shock Collar

The activity of dog training shock collars becomes easier with the products mentioned below. Shock collars for dogs which come with tracking devices also help in pet containment.
DogAppy Staff
Dog training shock collars are also known as electronic or just e-collars. They work on the principle of producing static pulse stimulation to control dog behavior. Some of them come with a tracking device (GPS), which helps in pet containment and protecting them from theft. In terms of behavior modification, dog training with shock collars can be carried out through positive and negative reinforcement. Positive punishment is used to reduce the frequency of undesired behavior. Negative reinforcement includes the process of providing continuous stimulation in order to bring out the desired behavior.
Dog Training with Shock Collar
Let us have a look at the collar products and information about dog training with shock collars in the paragraphs below.
SportDog SD 1225 Remote Training Unit
The specialty of this remote training unit is that, up to 16 levels of momentary and continuous stimulations are offered in the product. It comes with tone and vibration options that help in communicating with the dog up to ¾ mile. The design of this collar is ergonomic and it features a slim-profile. The collar is expandable for 3 dogs and is waterproof in nature. The accessories that come with this product include a remote transmitter, charging cradle, collar receiver, belt clip, test light, adapter, long contact points, lanyard, basic manual consisting of a DVD and operating guide. Its price is approximately USD 300.
2 Level Remote Control Dog Training Shock Collar
It is one of the best products, which has all the desired features; the after-sales services of this product too are satisfactory. Its specialty is that, the static impulse is strong enough to penetrate a 6 mm thick fabric. So, one doesn't have to worry about keeping the discharging point close to the skin of the dog. This collar produces vibrations along with the static impulse; the pet can thus, associate both the impulse and vibrations with each other. One of its important features is that it is water resistant. The static impulse and vibrations stop automatically and it prevents the pet from getting irritated as a result of continuous reprimanding. The product costs USD 31.99.
Puppy Training Shock Collar
The process of dog training with shock collars will become easy with the help of following products.
Garmin Astro 220 DC-30 GPS Dog Tracking Combo
This product comes with a hand held GPS device having a bright screen. Information about the dog's position is transmitted every five seconds. The location can be seen on the map page of the hand held device. It works even in densely covered areas. The Astro collars can track as many as 10 dogs simultaneously in a 7 mile range. It comes with accessories like Astro 220 handheld, AC adapter for DC-30, carrying case, DC-30 wireless transmitter collar, MapSource Trip and Waypoint Manager CD, vehicle power cable for DC-30, USB cable, belt clip, wrist strap, and owner's manual. The price of this product is USD 519.99.
Innotek IUC-5100 Deluxe Contain & Train System
The 'UltraSmart' collar of this product is its specialty; this collar facilitates remote training and also helps in containment of dogs. An audible click produced by the patented 'Readytest' advanced safety system, assures that the collar has fit properly. Its maximum range is 150 m. The lithium ion batteries, which come along with this product can be recharged quickly and are durable. There are wires included in this kit; these are the 100 feet pretwisted wire and the 500 feet boundary wire. Expansion up to 25 acres is possible with the optional wire kits. The collar is waterproof and even rough usage doesn't damage it. The price of this product is USD 319.95.
There are many products available in the market which facilitate dog training with shock collars. One should choose those shock collars for dogs which suit their needs and fall in their budget.