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Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Nov 5, 2018
Dog toys can range from a stuffed toy or a frisbee for USD 6 to a tennis ball launcher for USD 80. Toys for aggressive chewers are not only long-lasting, but also an economical option. Let us see some of the toys.
Toys are not just playthings for pets, but they also help to maintain their dental health. As it constantly chews on such materials, it helps to dislodge plaque, tartar, and other food particles stuck between their teeth. It also serves as a gum massage, and helps to build stronger teeth and jaws.
Some pets tend to overdo chewing, and their powerful jaws and sharp teeth can easily destroy the toy. Thus, a dog always needs some durable toys, as it will chew them till they are destroyed.

Hard Nylon Bones

They are one of the most popular dog toys. They are a better substitute for rawhide bones which might choke your pet. All dogs regardless of their size, breed, or temperament, love these nylon bones.
They are more durable than normal ones, as they're molded to specific hardness, resistance, and strength. They have additional bumps that help in an enjoyable exercise for your pet, and they provide better dental care. You can even buy some varieties with mint flavor injected in them, which maintains a fresh breath inside the dog's mouth.

Rubber or Vinyl Dog Toys

They are made up of strong rubber or vinyl that makes them long-lasting and durable. Some are even puncture-resistant.

Rope Toys

They are safe and are braided for additional strength. They have a spiral design which is very good for teeth cleaning. The bundle of thin fibers forms a thick cord that allows the dog to sink its teeth easily. The tighter a dog's grip, the better is his jaw strength.

Plush Chewers

Most of these toys are not suitable for highly aggressive dogs. They offer low resistance, and the stuffing and small pieces might get torn off.
These pieces may be swallowed and might choke your pet. However, some of the best quality ones of this type may not have such drawbacks. For example, the denim toys offer more resistance than the ones made from fabric.

Unique Toys

You can easily manipulate the molds and even hollows of some unique toys to help provide treats to your pet. They have raised bumps and ridges on the surface which provide better dental assistance.
While you shop for dog toys, keep in mind the safety and health of your pet.
Many toys have carcinogenic materials that may lead to cancers and other ailments. Also, make sure there are no small and loose parts that might choke your pet.