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Dog Sweater Patterns

Dog Sweater Patterns
What better option could you come up with, but a dog sweater pattern if you have the know-how of knitting and crocheting using the absolute techniques! Here are some interesting patterns and ideas you could implement for your little pup.
Fatima Rangwala
Simply narrowing yourself to knitting and crocheting fabrics and clothing to evince your art becomes humdrum after a while. Then you start hunting for patterns and more patterns and eventually end up doing the same on every next article of clothing. Why get into all that fuss? Think of this, instead of doing something just for human beings, this time try doing something different, like for instance, knit a coat for that ever tagging small-creature at your home; your dog!
It'll be creative on your part if you apply your art to hobbies like knitting dog coats, dog collars or crocheting dog sweater patterns, colorful hoodies, boots for 'em to wear in winters and much more. I know it sounds funny, but the intricacy which lies in creating dog clothes is a picture worthwhile. So, I can't wait but to squander all the lovely sweater patterns that I have in my bag for you to take an exciting look at them.
Dog Sweater Knitting Patterns
Nifty Knits for Classy Canines
Nifty knits are a lovely sweater pattern for your little canine which you can knit and enjoy to the fullest. It takes 21 knitted, 9 crocheted stitches and two good color combinations to create this pattern. This for sure is a keeper for any knitter and any dog lover. Creating this may want you to have even more dogs as pets so that you can create a variety for each and every one, respectively.
Fleece Dog Sweater
This pattern is ideal for smaller dogs and medium-sized dogs, because it has a tube-type pattern and hence, even if you stretch it to its maximum, it'll scale fit them. In case of larger dogs, this fleece sweater would get too hard to put on and pull out of your canine. Speaking of fleece sweater, this design features large leg holes for easy movement, a band collar more or less like turtleneck and a shirt tail to cover your dog's backside. Remember, in case you are knitting this pattern for a male dog, give a deep curve towards the tail end and keep its tummy exposed. It'll look great!
New York Winter Striped Dog Sweater
Originally, created by an avid knitter in New York, she really has taken this pattern to the next level. It is an excellent customizable sweater pattern basically created to be worn in harsh winters and chilly weathers. Moreover, the subject of the sweater getting adjusted from one canine to another is very liberal. They easily fit on different sizes of dogs.
Adorable Tiny Dog Sweater
Little sweater, for little dogs! This is one of them. You can call it a couture dog sweater, with the perfect number of knit stitches and extremely different amount of colors to expend. Adding to the above, the final size of the sweater that is knitted absolutely fits any size of dog you consider.
Dog Sweater Crochet Patterns
Easy Sleeveless Crochet Pattern
This pattern is amongst the lot of those cheap sweaters for dogs which is firstly easy to crochet. And secondly, it is chiefly designed for a schnauzer canine breed. The reason being, it has very long hair, which definitely would get tangled in the arm holes of a regular dog sweater. Moreover, this sweater poses to be a cape type of design which has a simple belly band in the work.
Ribbed Blue Dog Sweater
Let your little doggy grab all the cute looks and warm touches whenever you happen to take it out on the sidewalks during your evening walks. There are stripes of white and blue that are crocheted in the sweater with long stitches, overall making this sweater an exciting pick to expend your crochet art on.
Pooky's Dog Sweater
Heard of spooky but what is pooky? Well, a 13-year old Black Lab is called Pooky. They happen to be large in size and thus, this pattern happens to serve the same purpose. There are two colors that are expended to create this dog sweater and all that is done in double chain stitches, which makes it a thick and a warm coat to put it on your canine during winters.
Thorn's Doggy Sweater Pattern
This is an extremely unusual and pretty sweater design that an avid crochet enthusiast would love to take up. Use a super saver yarn which will be your main color, say white and use a different colored yarn, say brown which will help to fill in alternative rows and armholes in the sweater. Once the coat is ready, crochet a string which will get attached around the neck and tie the string in the form of a bow-tie.
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Well, these were some unique, stylish, cheap and amazing sweater patterns for dogs that you read about under both, knitting and crocheting. Keep trying all of these exciting patterns occasionally, so that your tiny canine doesn't look old-fashioned at any point of time and would feel to grab comfort in a variety of apparel.
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