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Dog Sickness Symptoms

Your dog will show varied symptoms depending on what exactly the canine is experiencing. For different diseases or ailments, certain symptoms might be visible. Read more about few of these symptoms and the reasons behind them...
DogAppy Staff
Last Updated: May 26, 2018
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I'd like to begin this article with a personal story about my truelove, Sunny. He's a 7 year old, white, Spitz and I love him to death. Every time I go back home, I can't help but hug and kiss him till he wishes to run away from me. On my last visit, I wasn't at home too often and would go out visiting my old friends. As I kept leaving him behind, alone in the house, he would start to cry and make weird noises. My neighbors would tell me that he would keep pacing around the entire backyard, waiting for me. Needless to say, I got worried and was wondering if this behavior was hinting toward something dangerous. I took him to the veterinarian and all he did was keep asking me about any unusual behavior or symptoms; but I came up blank.
Ill Dog
Every dog tends to display certain signs that indicate inadequate dog care. It could be due to our workload or a casual outlook. I'm not saying that all dog owners are casual or negligent; but with tons of chores to finish in a day's time, it's unfortunately quite common. Since dogs can't speak and tell what's bothering them, they tend to display some specific signs or gestures. All we have to do is be alert and notice any change in their behavior or body language in time. And if and when we fail to notice the change, our furry friends end up suffering big time. To avoid such unfortunate incidences, it is better to be aware of types of dog illnesses and their symptoms. Read the article below for helpful information about them.
Various Symptoms of Different Dog Illnesses
Ill Dog
You should immediately visit your veterinarian if you find any unusual behavior in your pet. As there are various ailments and diseases that can affect your dog's health, finding the root cause of it becomes highly essential. Whenever a dog isn't feeling well or wants to tell/hint something, he/she will show you signs and symptoms for sure. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to notice these symptoms and get your pooch to the vet immediately.
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Following is the list of some common symptoms that can trigger serious health problems for your pet dog. Go through each of them and understand the main reasons behind.
When Your Dog Doesn't Eat Anything
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After a quick run, or following a command, or for being a sweet companion, we tend to give our pets some treats. But, if your sweetheart doesn't show any interest in food and treats, where he/she would have loved to hog on before, then it's a clear sign that something is wrong with your pet. Loss of appetite in dogs is an indication to certain diseases, stress, or  of insufficient attention from the owners. Along with these, there can be many reasons why your dog doesn't wish to eat, like difficulty in chewing, teeth or gum problems, Addison's disease, dog flu, constipation, feeling depressed, change in weather/temperature, or problems with kidney or liver.
All these causes can be directly related to your dog's disinterest in eating. As loss of appetite is a importnat symptom that indicates serious helath issues, it should be addressed at the earliest. Make it a point to visit the veterinarian at the first sign since a vet is the only right person of a proper diagnosis and to understand the effects of symptoms.
When Your Dog Coughs Excessively
Dog Muzzled
Many a times, you would find your dog coughing. It may not seem serious at the moment, but persistent coughing can be an indication of blockage in windpipe, kennel cough, problems with heart, or pneumonia. Excessive coughing in dogs can lead to respiratory problems, bronchitis, and heart failure.
In order to detect any of these ailments, along with coughing, check if your dog is having difficulty breathing, has fever, or is coughing up mucus; all these are clear dog sickness symptoms. So don't take these signs lightly and visit the veterinarian immediately for correct diagnosis and treatment methods.
When Your Dog is Urinates More or Less Frequently
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For dogs, urinating excessively and having an unquenchable thirst may point to diabetes, liver disease, adrenal gland disease, and/or kidney disease. If your dog has been urinating excessively, there comes a point where he or she will do so inside the house. You will notice puddles of urine here and there around the house, and that you have been filling the bowl of water way too often. As for urinating less frequently, your dog might be straining every time the urge comes. These symptoms are clear signs of something is definitely wrong and you should visit the veterinarian immediately.
When Your Dog's Stomach is Sick
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Similar to humans, even dogs vomit, and it is a clear sign of certain illnesses. The symptom of vomiting can help detect problems and diseases such as Addison's disease, dog allergies, food poisoning, kidney problems, excessive eating, worm infestation, diabetes, or leptospirosis (swamp fever). There are times when your pet will go outside, play, stay active, eat a few leaves and junk here and there, and come back home and vomit. Now this isn't such a bad thing. On the other hand, if your pet vomits and is acting lethargic and won't eat anything, then it is something to be concerned about.
Sick Puppy
If your dog's stomach is feeling queasy, he/she may throw up things that are irritating him. There may be a yellowish-froth type of vomit that can tell you that his/her stomach is acting up. When a dog has frequent vomiting episodes with presence of blood or bile, it can be a sign of weakness, dehydration, and fever. These are very serious health issues which require proper medical treatment.
If there are any other symptoms you'd like more information on, be sure to read dog health questions and answers for more help. Dog illness symptoms are not to be taken lightly as they are obvious indications to serious health problems. Be the voice for your dog and help him/her get better soon.
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