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Reasons for Dog Not Eating Properly

Smita Pandit May 12, 2019
There could be several reasons for the loss of appetite in dogs. This write-up provides information on some of the contributing factors.
An underlying health problem could be the contributing factor behind your dog not eating properly. Therefore, dog owners must not assume that their pet is being a picky eater, if he is refusing to eat or not eating properly. If the loss of appetite is accompanied by vomiting or changes in behavior, you must take your pet to a vet.

Possible Reasons for Loss of Appetite in Dogs

Change in Food

Did you recently introduce your dog to a new brand of dog food? Your pet might be finding it difficult to adjust to the new taste. Generally, pets will take some time to adjust to a new brand as they might be habitual of the taste of the earlier brand. Moreover, he might not like the taste.
If your pet has been refusing to eat, get the earlier brand. If he eats, it implies that he didn't like the taste. Also, check if he has been eating food from other places. Make sure that he has not been eating garbage or cat food.

Change in the Surroundings

The issue might be psychological. If there has been a change in the surroundings, it might affect your pet's appetite. If you brought a new pet, it might also cause a change in his behavior. Dogs look forward to spending time with their owners. They are used to having their master around to feed them and play with them.
When the owners leave their pet alone at home for an extended period, the pet might develop separation anxiety. This might trigger a loss of appetite. Things could get even worse, if you leave your dog at some other place, making him stay in unfamiliar surroundings.

Health Issues

Vaccination could also cause loss of appetite. In case of older dogs, the loss of appetite may be due to a lack of exercise. Aging can bring about many physiological changes. Low energy levels and loss of appetite could be due to aging. So, do take your pet for walks and give him healthy dog food.
If your dog's energy levels have gone down and he is refusing to eat, it is advisable to get him checked for any systemic infection, worm infestation, kennel cough, digestive problems, or dental problems. Loss of appetite that may be accompanied by vomiting could occur due to diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome.
If your dog has been making noises and refuses to eat, get him checked for abscessed teeth and gum problems. If the pet has recently undergone a surgery, he might get disoriented due to the use of anesthetic. This could be accompanied by lack of interest in eating.
Under such circumstances, comfort your dog and make sure that he gets rest. Take him to a vet and get medicines to treat this loss of appetite.
Dogs are wonderful pets and would go to any extent to please their masters. All they want is their master's care and affection. The owners have a responsibility to note any physiological and psychological changes that may be affecting their pet's health.
So, if your dog is not eating properly and is not his usual playful self, take him to a vet. Care for him and spend time with him, so that he returns back to his old ways.