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Dog Names for Male Puppies

Dog Names for Male Puppies

Naming a pet dog is the first step that any pet owner takes towards building an everlasting bond with the animal. This article lists some unique, popular, and funny names for male puppies.
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Naming your pet dog is one of the best ways to get it initiated into your life and family. It is what eventually becomes the unique identity of the puppy and also initiates him into the training imparted by you.
Your pup's name should be meaningful, should suit the breed he belongs to, and should be able to draw his unique personality or characteristics. If you have bought home a male puppy, then there are a lot of names to choose from. The name that you choose for your pet dog will reflect the kind of relationship that you and he share. It will be ideal to name him a few days after he has settled into your home so that you get to know him a little better and find a suitable name. You could also choose one based on your dog's horoscope.
Listed below are some names that you could choose from. These include the funny kind, some cute ones, and some unique ones.
Funny Dog Names
These names for those puppies who love to do all kinds of mad, fun stuff, are really naughty, and very hilarious. If you see any of these traits in your pup, then you can choose a name for him from below.

Admiral Spooky Dart
Crunch Cyber Crusoe
Dynamite Cracker Bam-Bam
Bazooka Bud Weiser Corky
Déjà Vu Pickwick Ping Pong
Squid Sparkey Banjo
Kibbles Scruffy Wags
Sniffer Chaos Punch
Turbo Ozzy Odie
Smokey Boeing Boots
Buttons Dudley Caboodle
Unique Names for Male Puppies
These unique names are a mix of some Roman, Italian, Russian, and Hebrew names that are suitable for puppies who display some amount of royalty and demand royal treatment from their owners. Suitable for large dog breeds like Labrador retrievers and German shepherds.

Caesar Damian
Dante Cassius
Dino Crusoe
Czar Tazz
Cobber Oskar
Amatus Ruger
Brutus Bishop
Constantine Clover
Aberto Flavio
Ace Able
Eleazar Goliath
Casper Alexander
Zenzer Zeus
Cute Names for Male Puppies
These cute names are for those dogs who are calm, but at the same time fun-loving, like solitude, are really obedient, and extremely adorable and cute. These names will surely go well with their calm and quite nature.

Chuckles DaVinci
Aussie Bowen
Bumble Chuffy
Baco Barney
Coco Cupid
Zannuchi Checkers
Husky Rusty
Flint Shadow
Murphy Finnigan
Cody Harley
Carter Rory
Smudge Snuffles
Snuggly Tylo
Benji Rags
You can even mix and match these names with others and come up with unique ones of your own. The only thing to remember is that the name should be liked by both you and your pet.
Sleepy Puppies
Two Pomeranian Spitz Puppies
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