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Dog Names for Female Puppies

Dog Names for Female Puppies

Puppies are such a delight to have around, just like cute babies, are a delight. These friendly four-legged animals are one of the most cherished and desired pets the world over. But once you have bought a puppy dog, the first thing which comes to your mind is what are you going to call it? So here are a few names in this article below.
Medha Godbole
You have bought a puppy and is absolutely amazing and cute. He is trudging along, stumbling, trying to walk and generally is a very happy dog indulging in her antics. So are you suddenly struck with an idea as to what to call your cute female Golden Retriever or Labrador puppy? Well, you can give almost any name you like to your sweet little puppy. Only keep in mind the all the different dog breeds, the size and natural tendencies. Otherwise you would end up naming bulldog or Alsatian as tiny! So, it would sound real funny. The most important thing a name does for a dog is that it gives an identity to it. It is the beginning of its relationship with the owner and it is the first step towards training.

Female Puppy Names

Inspired by Food

Ginger: For the laid back small puppy, perhaps if its movements are gingerly, you can call it Ginger.
Pepper: Well, if your puppy is all peppy and always hopping around, what better name could there be than pepper?
Vanilla: An extremely cute and cozy pup, especially if it's a shade closer to white, then can be called vanilla!
Nutmeg: Nutmeg is simply a name you can give to almost any pup.
Clove: Clove is also one of the all pervasive names.
Candy: Is your pup an eye candy for you? Well then name her Candy.
Maggie: You could name your puppy maggie after the famous noodle brand in India.
Pickles: If your puppy has added that twang to your life, you might as well call her pickles! Or you know if she likes pickles by any chance, then, even better!
Choco: No need to tell why you would name your pup choco!
Custard: If your pup is close to the shade of custard and is absolutely charming and warm, call her custard.

Inspired by Blue Blood

Velvet: If your dog has real nice and smooth coat, you can surely call her velvet.
Majesty: If your dog has a certain spunk and airs around her, this name would suit just perfect!
Empress: May be if your dog is a royal kind of a breed, empress is the best name ever.
Queen: Pampering can make your puppy demand for things and then she would not budge, and she can be called the Queen.
Treasure: If your dog is as precious as a treasure for you, that's the name for it!

Inspired by Flowers

Jasmine: (D-uh) How cliched, but still nice.
Pansy: Again cliched, however, suits to the smaller and delicate breeds. One of the most common female puppy names is Pansy.
Sweet Pea: Just other name!
Daffodil: Does your pup brighten up your life and your home just like daffodils? Then go ahead and name your puppy daffodils.
Petunia: A peppy and enthusiastic pup can carry off this name well.
Rose: No one can beat this, isn't it?
Blossom: A perfect name for a warm and cute puppy which gives everyone around it happiness.

Interesting/Funny/Unique Names for Female Puppies

Phoebe: A dog as whacky as the 'FRIENDS' character Phoebe can be called that!
Akira: In Japanese, Akira means brightness. You know when to call your 'doggie' Akira.
Casey: A pup from the breed, which symbolizes bravery, can be named casey.
Sierra: Well, I just loved this name so I thought I will mention it!
Shadow: A dog is always a shadow of her owner - so why not Shadow!
Smudge: Does your puppy pounce on you the moment she sees you and smudges your make up? Call her smudge!
Cleopatra: Why not, name your dog Cleopatra, if it is a very very good looking pup.
Hurl: In case the breed, the pup comes from is a very strong and sturdy one, call her hurl.
Lakshmi: Well, if it's in India, there are people who might call their pup by this exotic Indian name Lakshmi!
Azure: It could be a very offbeat name.
Vodka: No no, I do not mean to say that your puppy dog is intoxicating!

So do not go all haywire and rack your brain to choose a name for your friendly and beloved and loyal quadruple. Anything coming from your heart and is genuine is absolutely fine! The dog is sure not to complain!
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