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All You Must Know About Dog Nail Polish

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Nov 23, 2018
Dog nail polish takes the concept of dog grooming to an entirely different level! Now, your doggie need not wistfully look at your beautifully painted nails, for even she can get her toenails painted with a dazzling nail 'pawlish'!
Earlier, dog grooming was all about dressing your dog in clothes, shampooing her fur and clipping her toenails. But now, thanks to celebrities like Paris Hilton who have changed the definition of dog grooming, we have people who would go to any lengths to get their dogs noticed.
Spas and designer clothes for dogs are passe, today dog nail polish rules the roost when it comes to dog grooming. For some people, special nail polish for dogs might be a difficult concept to understand, but enthusiastic dog owners are more than happy to get their pooch's toenail painted in colors of their choice.


Nail polish for dogs is available in almost every dazzling color imaginable. The color palette is greatly dependent upon the manufacturing company. Yet, there are at least 10 colors, that are equally popular. These include, white, purple, fuchsia, lime green, jet black, electric blue, shades of red and several other shades in shimmer.
The myriad range of colors for dog nail polish allow you to paint your doggie's nails in the color of your (or perhaps your doggie's) choice. Clear shimmer colors are also available which can give your dog's toenails a sparkling shine.


While we are on the discussion about nail polish for dogs, some of you might have considered the possibility of using human nail polish on dogs. However, using your nail polish to paint your dog's nails is indeed a bad idea. Why? Because of the harmful ingredients contained in human nail polish.
Human nail polish often has toxic chemicals, which can affect your dog's health, if she ends up chewing her toenails. Also, it can be harmful for your kids' health, if they come in contact with the nail polish. Moreover, the toxic fumes erupting from your nail polish can make your dog sick. Hence, human nail polish must be avoided under all circumstances.
On the other hand, dog nail varnish contains natural ingredients which are not toxic. Ingredients such as aloe, seaweed, and green tea extracts are an integral part of nail polish for dogs. Often, these ingredients are combined with vitamin E to make your dog's toenail soft and smooth.
The nail polish also contains quick drying agents, which magically dry the nail polish in whatever little time your dog permits you. Thus, commercially available dog nail polish is a completely safe nail polish for your dog.

Application Tips

It is especially important to have your dog in happy and relaxed mood before applying the nail polish. If your dog squirms a lot, have someone distract her with treats. Clean the toenails and trim the fur for smooth application. Apply only one coat of nail polish and allow it to dry by holding your dog steady.
Since, the nail polish dries in a minute or so, your task takes considerably less amount of time. The nail polish kit comes with remover and pads which can be used to remove the nail polish when it's time to say goodbye to old shade and acquire a new one. Your dog is bound to love her beautifully painted nails.
Thus, dog nail polish is an innovative way to give a makeover to your dog. The nail polish often survives the hard tests which your dog inflicts upon it by gnawing, scratching and chewing. Thus, you and your dog can admire her pretty paws for quite a long time!