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Dog Nail Grinder

Veena Aruldass Jun 3, 2019
Pet dogs are seldom considered animals; they are very much an integral part of our families. We look after them like babies, as such a dog nail grinder is a vital tool that helps us complete our pet care routine.
A family seems incomplete without a pet. Even those who are single feel the need of having a pet companion and more often than not, these ideal companions are dogs.
If you do have a pet dog, we don't need to tell you how much time and patience you need to invest on his 'care'. It can get taxing for the owners at times, and may also lead to neglect of the dog's health.
You may think you know everything to keep your little, fury companion happy and healthy, and yet end up overlooking trivial things, like nail trimming and regular grooming.
When we talk of nail care, the first thing to come to your mind is likely to be nail clipping. That, however, can prove to be time-consuming and painful for your pet. A better bet would be to go for a nail grinder, which gives you an easy and safe option.

How do Dog Nail Grinders Work?

There is no dearth of pet nail grinders in the market. Most of these have a high-speed rotating motor, which you can use on your dog's nails. These grinders reduce the size of the nails and keep them smooth.
Unlike the traditional nail clippers, they don't leave the nails rough and jagged, and there is no danger of over-cutting the nails. These grinders can be found in dog grooming or general pet care shops.
You need to pay proper attention while using it and cut the nails to an appropriate length―ensuring that you don't get too close to the quick.
Electric dog nail grinders are your best bet, as they are portable and can be carried anywhere with ease. They can be comfortably plugged in and used immediately. Similarly, there exist battery-operated dog grinders, which can be charged at your convenience and used.

User Review

As for the reviews, they are invariably mixed. Some warn against the nail grinders that are powerful, as one wrong move can have your dog's hair caught in it, especially if your dog has long hair. On the other hand, it becomes necessary to have a powerful grinder if your dog has tough or thick nails. In such a situation, you need to be very cautious.
You can go in for a grinder with a safety cap to avoid the fur from being caught. Additionally, some grinders can be very noisy and some come with a small compartment where the nail dust gets collected.

Some Tips to Remember

  • Before using the grinder, get yourself familiarized with its working mechanism.
  • Make sure your pet dog is comfortable with the power you have set for the nail grinder.
  • Grind the dog's nails one at a time.
Investing in a nail grinder is a good option, as it aids in enhancing the appearance of the dog without causing it unnecessary pain and discomfort. Even on your part, you won't have to put a lot of manual effort―at least, not as much as you would when clipping the dog's nails.