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Dog Nail Bleeding

Seeing your dog's nails bleed is a frightening sight for all pet owners. Many times, a broken nail or an accident while clipping the nail may lead to bleeding.
DogAppy Staff
One of the most common dog injuries is related to the nails. When dog nails are not clipped, they may get stuck in fabrics, carpets, or may get chipped while running outdoors. This may lead to bleeding. Another common reason is clipping your dog's nails too short. The nail bleeds because the vein runs too close to the tip. Many owners fear that the bleeding is too difficult to stop. However, this is not true. You need to follow certain steps to immediately stop the bleeding.
Steps to Stop Bleeding
It is obviously not possible to run to the vet the minute your dog's nail starts bleeding. Therefore, it is important to learn a home remedy and stop it as soon as possible.
Step I
Your dog may break a nail while running, walking, or playing. He may even break it in a fight or if it gets stuck in the carpet or furnishings. In such a situation, the dog needs to be restrained on a leash. Then, you should approach your pet slowly and speak to him in a calm and reassuring voice. Before you try to remove the broken nail or cut it off, you should without fail muzzle the dog. The dog may get aggressive and bite due to the pain and nervousness.
Step II
Once you have muzzled the dog and pulled out the broken nail gently, you need to hold a clean cloth or cotton against the nail and wait till the bleeding stops. Another home remedy is the use of styptic powder. This is a must for every dog or cat owner. You need to pinch a little bit of styptic powder against the bleeding nail. This is the most effective way to stop bleeding. If you see blood oozing out again, quickly pinch some more powder against the nail. If you do not have styptic powder at home, then you can use cornstarch or flour to stop the bleeding.
Step III
You need to cup your hand and pour some styptic powder or cornstarch or flour into the palm. Now dip the dog's bleeding nail in it once or twice when using styptic powder. In case of cornstarch/ flour, you may require multiple dips as it is less effective. Once the bleeding stops, you need to compress the wound with a tissue paper or paper towel. Do not squeeze on the paw, but apply a little pressure on the wound. Next, you need to apply ice over the paper towel and stop the bleeding, if any. Once you finish applying the ice, you need to place a dry cloth over the paw and continue to apply pressure.
Step IV
You need to follow this home remedy and administer the first aid as quickly as possible. Apply a bandage, if your dog is licking the wound continuously. You need to remain calm and not panic as this may make the dog even more nervous. If the bleeding does not stop or reduce after 15 to 20 minutes, rush the dog to the veterinarian. Dog nails contain many nerves and blood vessels that will lead to bleeding due to injury.
The bleeding of a dog's nail, although scary and worrisome, is something that can be easily handled at home. Thus, keep at least one of these items handy in case of an emergency and you will not have a problem.