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Dog Kennel Plans

Dog Kennel Plans
Finding the right dog kennel for your treasured pet need not be a pain anymore. Here are the steps to making a dog kennel plan. It will ensure that you provide your dogs with their own private "den".
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Finding the perfect dog kennel that shelters your dog from the natural elements, and also suits the unique needs of the dog, can be quite a difficult task. The first step in the process is to plan just right. There are several things to be kept in mind while choosing dog shelters and finalizing plans for dog kennels. Foremost among them is your pet's comfort and the ability to promote sanitation. Here are the factors that have to be outlined for building a well-thought-out kennel unit.
Things to Consider
Size Does Matter
While building the kennel, the size of the dog has to be kept in mind. This is especially true for the large dog breeds who need kennels which have considerable ceiling clearance and are wide enough to accommodate the dog comfortably. Just ensure that the kennel is not too large for the dog, since a smaller space helps retain your dog's body heat and allows self-insulation to a certain degree. In addition to this, the kennel needs an overhanging roof to protect the dog from heavy rains and harsh winds.
While formulating the plans to build a dog kennel, the most important point is deciding the location. While some people may prefer an indoor dog kennel to keep the dogs safe and warm, most of the time, an outdoor dog kennel works well with most dogs and their owners. Not only do the dogs have unlimited space to move around, but even the owners do not have to worry about muddy stains all over the carpet. Then there are certain dog breeds such as the German Shepherds and the Collies which are actually the outdoor varieties, or working breeds. These breeds can thrive best on exercise and enjoy staying outdoors, for the greater section of the day and thus need an outdoor kennel. However an outdoor dog kennel should be insulated to keep your dog warm or cool at the appropriate times of the year.
Cleaning the Kennel
Not only does the kennel need to be comfortable, but it should also be convenient for cleaning. Also, adequate ventilation is a must to ensure that there is sufficient airflow to cool the dogs.
Dog Kennel Building Plan
There are some great outdoor dog kennel plans that shield your pet from wind, precipitation, hot sun and cold temperatures. There are many types of materials used for outdoor kennels like plastic and foam and even chain link. However, the traditional wooden dog house with a sloping roof continues to be the favorite. Here is an easy step-by-step procedure for building an outdoor dog kennel.
Step 1
Determine the size of the kennel based on the size of the dog. Now construct the base of the kennel by using 2" x 4" boards, construct a square base frame in the dimensions you've chosen. Cut 1/2" plywood to fit over the frame, ensuring that it is flush with the base frame's edges and finally attach the plywood to the frame along the edges with nails to complete the base.
Step 2
For attaching the walls, use 2" by 4" boards with a center stud for support. Now measure, cut, and nail the four wall frames, making sure that the edges are flush with the base frame. Mark and cut the entrance of the kennel, keeping in mind the size of your pet. At the end, you can toenail each corner to add stability.
Step 3
Use 2" x 4" boards for constructing the struts, ridge board, and rafters for the roof frame. Determine at what height you need the roof and cut roof struts to the corresponding height. Now you can center the front and rear roof struts on the top edge of the front and rear wall frames and nail in place from the underside of the frame.
Step 4
Once you have decided how much overhang is needed, cut the top ridge board to the length of the doghouse, plus the amount added for overhang. Position the ridge board on the struts and nail it in place securely. Now cut six rafters and holding it at an angle that makes it even with the ridge board, nail it in place. To fill the gaps between the overhang and side walls, cut four 2" by 4" boards, to fit horizontally between the rafters and nail them into place.
Step 5
Shingles are an inexpensive and attractive way to prevent a doghouse from leaking. So staple the paper to the roof in a single sheet, running up one side and down the other. For those not using shingles, use a piece of aluminum flashing to run along the joint where the two roof panels meet.
In addition to these wooden dog house plans, you can build or simply purchase indoor dog kennels for your dogs. For those people with dog kennel business plans in mind, there are a host of commercial dog kennel plans, for housing other people's dogs. These are available online or with a professional builder and should be based on the number of animals you wish to house. So, whether you choose indoor plans or outdoor ones, remember that it is your dog's personal space. Build it with care and keep your pet's comfort in mind.
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