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Dog Kennel Designs and Tips on Building One Yourself

Dog Kennel Designs
Before buying a pet dog, you must make sure you have a comfortable and safe kennel for it. Consider various dog kennel designs and tips on how to build a dog house on your own.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
Be it indoors or outdoors, having a dog house or a kennel is convenient for both, the pet as well as the owner. Smaller breeds of dogs like the Yorkshire terrier or the poodle, may not require a separate kennel, but larger dogs do. It is also safe to have a dog kennel in the yard if you have babies or toddlers at home. A clean and hygienic kennel is one of the most essential aspects of dog care.
Outdoor Dog Kennel Plans
stone kennel
Usually wooden or metal dog kennels are used as outdoor dog houses. Apart from the regular dog house shaped like an actual house, several other dog kennel designs are available in shapes like a cage, like a tent; kennels with runs, etc. There are also mobile kennels made of metal that can be easily moved.
Indoor Kennels
wooden kennel
If looking for indoor dog houses, then kennels made of plastic or fiberglass are available in attractive shapes and colors. These are suitable for smaller dogs and can also be kept inside an apartment. Wooden dog kennels or wire mesh cages are popular for their practicality. Cages can also be used if you want to house more than one pet dog. One of the most common complaints is that wooden kennels tend to wear out faster. But, on the contrary, it can be easily painted and repaired to have a new and fresh look. You may also find dog house designs made of waterproof material and shaped like a tent. These are easy to clean and can also be dismantled when not in use.
How to Design a Dog Kennel
  • The first and the most important thing to consider is the material to be used for building a kennel. As mentioned above, dog kennels can be made of plastic, wood, wire mesh, or metal. If you are thinking of having a metal kennel, look for the one that will not rust easily.
  • Secondly, the size of the dog and availability of space are also major things to be considered when choosing and buying a dog kennel. You can also add accessories later to make it cozy. If not covered, the kennel must be tall enough to prevent the dog from jumping over.
  • Air conditioning and proper ventilation are also important factors. If the dog house is to be placed outdoor, there should be covered space for the dog to rest on hot sunny days.
  • Before selecting a suitable kennel, you have to make sure that it has enough space to accommodate a dog bed, food, and a water dish. It must be large enough to allow the dog to completely stretch its limbs.
Before building a dog kennel, you should inquire about the laws in your area. Although ready-made kennels of different material and shapes are easily available in the market, you can also have your own kennel design plans and build it on your own.
How to Build a Dog Kennel
kennel building
  • You will require: material for the kennel (metal or wood), posts, U nails, a door, and a hammer. You must take accurate measurements of the kennel and the run.
  • Dig a 2-3 ft hole in the ground to fix the posts firmly. Larger dogs require taller fences.
  • Use U nails to attach the dog fence to the posts. Similarly, attach a door to the post with hinges on one side. A gate should have a good latch that cannot be opened by the dog.
Apart from this, you can make kennels inspired from the designs pictured above. You can either buy or construct a dog kennel and create a special place for your faithful pet, that will be its own! Good luck!
Two Crossbreed Dogs Sitting
Red Dog Kennel On The Grass
Dogs House And Small Dog
Dalmatian Dog Resting
Dog Kennel
Sheep Dog
Pet Dog Sitting At Big Doghouse
Dog Kennel
Sheepdog In Front Of Kennel
Border Collie In A Kennel
Border Collie Tied To A Kennel
Wooden Dog Kennel
Dog In Doghouse
Dog Kennel Isolated On White
Dog House
Snow Dog
Dog House
Dog Kennel