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Dog Houses for Large Dogs

Dog Houses for Large Dogs
Markets today are teeming with dog houses for large dogs, though they are very expensive. You need not purchase them and instead opt for the alternative of building one for your pet dog.
Rohini Mohan
It is fun to have your puppy running around the house but as it grows bigger things get a little difficult, more so for the dog. Large dogs need space just like we do, therefore finding them the right dog kennel becomes important. Purchasing doghouses for large dogs can get expensive, instead it is much better to build one on your own.
If you are not well versed with carpentry, then you can always give the construction plan to an affordable carpenter in your locality. You will find different types of dog house plans on the Internet, all you need to do is invest some time in searching out the most suitable design and to replicate it in your own workshop.
Big Dogs Need Big Kennels
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The size of the doghouse completely depends on the size of the dog. The bigger the dog, the larger will be its kennel. Some dog breeds such as Alsatians, Doberman, Saint Bernard, or the Labrador need huge kennels to sleep and turn around in.
Though, the doghouse should not be too big, as the dog may feel lonely or uncomfortable in it. The kennel must be equivalent to the area within your house where your dog prefers to sleep the most. These places are often under the staircase, in the corner of the drawing room near the fireplace or on its mattress.
Dog House
That is the reason why you must also think of building an insulated dog house, so that they can remain warm during wet and cold weather. 
You can even install a doghouse heater to keep your beloved pet safe from severe winter conditions such as snow and blizzards. There are specially constructed heated dog houses for large dogs available in the market. Though if you live in really hot terrains, then buying or building raised dog houses will ensure greater ventilation so as to keep the room temperature comfortable for the dog.
Remember not to scrounge too much on your budget by using substandard materials, because if you do; the doghouse is not going to last very long. Also remember that dogs are very sensitive to heat so do not use materials such as plastic or metal for making the entire doghouse.
  • The first step is to measure your dogs width and height so that you can figure out how big the entry should be as well as the inner room.
How to Build a Doghouse?
  • In order to ensure the safety of your dog, make the foundation of the doghouse on an elevated slope. So that when it rains, the water does not wet the floor of the doghouse. While the slope will ensure that if any water does manage to enter, it will flow down the slope out of the kennel. You can build the slope by making a mound by piling mud.
  • Use pressure treated wood if possible as it will last much longer and will not get damaged by moisture that easily. Though if you do not wish to use this type of wood, then remember to paint the frames of wood before fixing them.
  • Start building from the base upwards, make a strong floor with the wooden frames and make sure they are all made smooth with sandpaper.
  • While making the base make sure you create an outlet for any liquid or solid waste to pass through into a nearby compost hole. Though, this is just a precautionary measure as well-trained dogs will never soil their kennels.
  • Next, attach the walls according to the design of the doghouse plan and ensure that the planks are steady and sturdy.
  • Now, add a flat roof while ensuring that there is enough cross ventilation. A slanted roof will be much more difficult to build all by yourself.
There are many varieties of dog houses to select from. The choice is all yours, though you need to keep in mind the climate you live in as well as the size of your dog. There are even duplex dog houses that are made for accommodating two dogs at a time. These dog houses have a detachable barricade that act as the wall between the two rooms in the kennel.