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Perfect Dog House Heater Guide to Protect Your Dog from the Cold

Dog House Heater
If you are living in an area with frigid winters and your dog likes to stay outdoors most of the time, you definitely need a dog house heater to protect your loving pet from that frosty cold.
Kanika Khara
Dogs have a metabolism that can keep them warm. Their natural body heat and furry body helps them stay clear of the winter cold, but only up to a certain temperature. Areas with extreme temperatures can be harmful for them. They need warmer kennels with protection from cold and snow. It is generally assumed that dogs with a furry body and long hair can stay warmer. However, that is not true. Long-haired dogs also need extra warmth. Their tolerance towards cold temperatures is the same. Leaving these faithful creatures out in the freezing temperatures can prove to be devastating for their health.

If you have a dog that is old, has been ill for a long period, or is recovering, a warm dog house is essential for its well-being. If not provided with a warm environment, these dogs can get terminally ill, or become perpetually sad. Some dogs, after long exposure to cold temperatures, do not regain their playfulness. A warm kennel can go a long way to keep your pet healthy, happy, and playful in these cold temperatures. There are various methods that can help to keep your dog's house warm.

Various Types
Heater Box/Furnace Box

A heater or a furnace box is a metal box that is fixed inside the dog kennel from the top or back of the kennel. It is placed in a manner that will not take up your dog's sleeping space. It is fitted from within with either a light bulb, or a ceramic plate that emits heat. This helps to heat up the dog house. The light bulb models will light up the kennel at night, making it difficult for your dog to fall asleep. Dog house heaters can cost anywhere between $65 to $120.

Many models require you to buy the basic product and then the required add-on. It is better to do your research online before doing any purchase. Many products are also available for online purchase. Earlier, models were unsafe as they would heat up the metal box a lot and cause burn problems. Newer models are available, which are cool to touch from inside the kennel as well as from the outside. The heater box can increase the temperature of the kennel by 40° F. If you require added heat for your dog, extra accessories need to be purchased.

Heated Kennel Mat

A heated kennel mat is a practical and easy approach to keep your pet warm in the winter. As the name suggests, it is a mat -- similar to a heating pad -- that can be placed inside the dog house. It is a hassle-free technique where all you need to do is lie the mat down on the foot of the kennel and it is ready to use. Most products have a cord that can be easily taken out from the rear side of the kennel and plugged in. You may need to use an extension cord if you do not have a plug switch nearby.

Although they are cheap in cost ($20 to $40), a few dog owners are hesitant to have mats in the dog house. Many dogs have a chewing habit, and owners are scared of their dogs chewing up the mat, or the cord. A solution for that can also be worked out. You can place the mat below the base of the kennel. This will keep the dog from chewing at it and yet keep it warm. However, take care that the pad is encased in plastic, or anything that is moisture-proof to protect it from the ground. For the cord, you can run it through a plastic pipe. For better protection, you can even bury the pipe in the ground. These mats are a good option for dog houses that are made up of plastic, wood, or metal.

Igloo Beds

Igloo beds are dog houses that are shaped like igloos. These dog houses are mostly made for indoor use. They are lined with warm wool and are washable. Some models are even available for outdoor use. In indoor as well as outdoor models, some have a heating pad that comes along with the igloo. These pads can be removed for ease in washing. Although the pads are waterproof by nature, the igloos cannot be washed with them.

These beds are costly and require buying a new dog house altogether, but they are a special treat for your dog. They look pretty and unique and can win you a lot of compliments. They cost around $80 to $120. Preference for heating accessories is higher in the market. However, these igloo beds are unlike the regular dog houses, and in one purchase, two issues are solved. The cost of the accessories is also almost as high as the igloo beds. This makes these beds a more viable choice.

Combo Units

The combo unit is a combination of a heater and an air conditioning unit. You can install this for your pet's house and forget about removing it throughout the year. It will keep your dog warm during the cold and prevent him from heatstroke during the summers. It also purifies and dehumidifies the air in the kennel. Also known as cooling systems, these units can also be used otherwise in tents and small park trailers.

Some models of these units have an automatic setting that will keep the temperature comfortable in any extreme. They usually have air filters that can be washed. The unit needs to be placed roughly two feet away from the dog house. It needs to have an inlet to the dog house for which two holes should be cut out from the dog house, too. You can avoid all the trouble by buying a dog house that is particularly designed for this purpose. The combo units cost roughly about $350 to $500.

Comparison Chart

Parameters Heater Box Kennel Mats Igloo Beds Combo Units
Cost $65 to $120 $20 to $40 $80 to $120 $350 to $500
Consumption 120 - 150 watts 40 - 80 watts 50 - 90 watts 300 - 500 watts
Temperature Settings Available Unavailable Unavailable Available
Thermostat Available Available Unavailable Available
Warranty One Year One Year One Year One/Two Years
Aesthetic Points 2.5 3.5 5 2.5

Note.- The aesthetic points are given on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is the best.

Additional Tips
Make sure your dog's house is elevated from the snow.
Turn the door of the dog house away from the wind.
Add a wind flap as a door. It will retain the inner warmth and keep away the cold, too.
Blankets get wet and slushy due to the snow. So, use hay, or straw.
Shovel out a path for your dog to walk around. You can even make a path leading to the house.
Keep loads of water ready for them to lap up.
Be sure to use plastic vessels instead of metal as metal may stick to their tongue.
If your dog is comfortable, get booties to protect his feet from frostbite.
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