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Dog Health Insurance Reviews

Dog Health Insurance Reviews

You always need to refer to a few dog health insurance reviews before opting for the best pet health insurance for your dog. Here is a dog health insurance comparison for you...
Rutuja Jathar
One of the greatest joys of one's life is to be able to own an adorable dog. This loyal companion offers you unending affection, care, love and protection. However, in order to continue receiving the same affection and care for years to come, you do need to ensure maximum dog care. As you know, dogs are not disease immune and hence, they do suffer from a few illnesses in the course of time. You also must be aware of the huge medical bills that you need to pay for smallest of the pet health problems. It is proven in many statistical analyzes, that show that over 10 billion dollars are spent on dog health care by the American dog owners. Well, you can definitely find a solution for this in the form of pet insurance for your dog!

Dog Health Insurance Reviews and Comparison

If you own a dog, the pet health insurance is the best assistance that you can ever get that assures money saving in various situations ranging from costly medical tests, surgeries and transplants. Dogs are prone to illnesses with weak immune system at younger as well as older age. Along with medical conditions, dogs are also at risk of fatal accidents. If you have a dog health insurance, then about 80% of your dog care expenditure can be saved, which saves you from burning quite a huge hole in your pocket. For that, you always need to get the best dog and pet health insurance plans with flexible terms and conditions. You need to shortlist the best dog health insurance companies and then select the best of them, that fits in all your demands and requirements.

Before you check out the reviews of any company, you need to understand a few things to look for in an insurance plan. The best thing to do is to compare pet insurance plans and suit the medical history and current health condition of your dog. There are a few things that should affect your selection criteria for dog health insurance. These things include the number of dogs that you have, terms and regulations of the dog health insurance company (which are mentioned on the quotation of the company), amount that you need to pay to the company as deductibles and premiums, pet insurance cost, etc.

You also need to opt for pet insurance for preexisting conditions if your dog has any preexisting health problems. You can seek help from online discussions, forums or you can also consult vets or fellow dog owners about the best pet insurance for your dog.

PetFirst Dog Health Insurance
There are a few best pet insurance reviews for various plans that are provided by PetFirst that you can opt for. These plans are available on an average monthly rate of USD 25 to USD 50. They come in deductibles of USD 50, accident and illness coverage worth USD 7,500 to USD 15,000, preventive care worth USD 100 to USD 220, kennel fees worth USD 100 to USD 500, advertising and reward coverage up to USD 250 to USD 400, loss of pet refund up to USD 250 to USD 500, trip cancellation coverage up to USD 500 and cremation and burial worth USD 100. Trip cancellation and burial coverage is applicable to a certain pet insurance plans only. Names of the PetFirst insurance plans are: Comprehensive Basic, Core Preferred, Comprehensive Preferred and Comprehensive Preferred Plus pet health insurance plans.

Pets Best Dog Health Insurance
Pets Best health insurance tops most of the pet insurance comparison charts. This is a good insurance plan for dogs. This is one of the best pet insurance plans for your dog. There are four total plans of Pets Best amongst which two plans provide only accident coverage, while the rest of them provide both accident and illness coverage. You can get as much 80% coverage with USD 75 to USD 200 deductibles and optional wellness compensation if you are willing to pay extra for it. If you go through Pets Best dog health insurance reviews, dog health insurance cost of this insurance plan ranges in the gamut of USD 6 to USD 31 per month, which is pretty affordable, considering the coverage that they have on offer and the health and safety of your pet dog as well! Names of the various plans of Pets Best are: Pets Best Accident A, Pets Best Accident B, Pets Best Basic and Pets Best First.

PetPlan USA Pet Insurance
PetPlan USA Pet Insurance gets high rating in many pet health insurance reviews on the basis of least monthly dog health insurance rates or premium charges. Various plans of PetPlan USA Pet Insurance are available at the monthly charges of USD 8 to USD 10 or above. All plans of PetPlan USA Pet Insurance cover all accidents, dog illnesses and injuries. They also cover some of their hereditary conditions. These plans offer about USD 200 deductibles and covers 80% claims of reimbursement. If you are ready to pay additional premium, then you can get even 100% reimbursement. Even most basic plans of PetPlan USA Pet Insurance also offer you all the essential features of the best pet insurance, which is the reason why this is one of the most trusted dog health insurance company and hence, it also gets the best dog health insurance comparison reports in the US. Names of the PetPlan USA Pet Insurance plans are: PetsPlan USA Pet Insurance Bronze, PetPlan USA Pet Insurance Silver and PetsPlan USA Pet Insurance Gold.

Hartville, Pethealth, Embrace, VIP, Pet Assure, Trupanion, Healthy Paws, VetInsuranceUS, Pet Partners (AKC), PurinaCare, QuickCare, etc. are some other equally best companies when pet insurance comparison is made with those mentioned above. Dog health insurance reviews for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) are satisfactory as well. Well, this is where I conclude this article. I hope it was helpful to you in your quest of best pet health insurance for your dog!