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Dog-friendly Outdoor Activities to Keep Your Pet Active and Happy

Buzzle Staff Nov 25, 2018
It takes a little searching, but finding outdoor activities to do with your dog can help you spend time with your pet while soaking up the summer.
Even though many people love dogs, not all outdoor activities are dog friendly. Finding dog friendly activities for you and your furry friend can take some searching, but once you find a few great places to go, you'll never leave your dog home again.
When looking for a dog friendly venue, the best thing to do is start with an Internet search to find venues in your area, but here are a few general ideas to get you started.


Most hiking trails allow dogs, as long as you pick up after them. Hiking can be a great way to hang out with your pet while getting exercise for both of you. When you hit the trails with your dog, be sure to follow all the safety rules.
Bring lots of water and snacks for you and your pet, make sure you wear proper shoes and clothing, and don't push it too much. Exercise is great, but overexerting yourself or your dog can have serious consequences.


If you plan on going camping this fall, bring your dog along. Dogs love hanging out by the campfire, and some might even try to sing along to some good campfire songs.
It's especially easy to walk your dog since the great outdoors is your playground. If the nights get cool, though, be sure to bring your dog inside the tent with you for extra warmth.

Wine Tasting

Many wineries have outdoor balconies or picnic grounds within the vineyards, and dogs are sometimes allowed in those spaces. Enjoying a taste or a glass of wine outside while watching your pet play is one of the perks summer has to offer. Don't get too caught up in the wine and forget to watch your dog, though.

Dog Parks

Dog parks are a great place to exercise your dog and let him play as well as meet other dog owners in your area.
Many dog parks require you to pay a fee or have a permit before you can enter, which ensures your dog will be with other dogs who are safe and trained. If that is the case, make sure you have your permit and fees paid before you enter or you could be ticketed.


Outdoor shopping areas are great places for dogs. You can walk your dog, enjoy the outdoors, and catch up on the latest fashion trends all at the same time. Before you enter any of the stores, though, be sure the inside of the stores are dog friendly, too.


Restaurants with outdoor terraces are usually very accommodating for dogs. Eating outdoors is something many people enjoy anyway, and bringing your dog along can be a great bonus. Sometimes you can even buy him some doggie treats or meat scraps that he can snack on while you enjoy your meal.
Another alternative for outdoor dining is a picnic. If a nearby park is dog friendly, pack a picnic and walk there with your dog. That way, you can enjoy delicious food, great company, and your furry friend.

Things to Remember

When bringing your dog anywhere outdoors, do so when the weather isn't too hot. Dogs are extremely sensitive to heat, and the last thing you want is to give your pet heat stroke. Also, be sure to bring along water and a portable water bowl as well as some treats to keep your pet from getting too hungry or thirsty.
Also, it's a good idea to always leash your dog. You never know when he might run away from you to chase a squirrel or rabbit or when another human might startle him. Leashes prevent injury to your pet and to other humans and animals.