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Dog Food Reviews and Comparisons

Healthy Dog Food Reviews and Their Fair Comparisons You Can Trust

Dog food should contain little or no fillers at all. The content of proteins and other nutrients should be high. The dog food comparisons mentioned below would help in deciding upon the best dog food to choose from.
Shashank Nakate
The food prepared for dogs can be classified as dry and canned food. Canned and dry dog food contains 70% and 10% water respectively. There are many companies in the market that sell dog food. The following articles deals with the reviews and comparisons of dog foods produced by different companies.
Dog Food Comparison
The different dog foods available in the market can be compared on the basis of ingredients used. One should check whether ingredients used in these products are natural and provide the necessary nutrients. The freshness of the food should also be checked, since it plays an important part in dog care.
Dog Food Reviews
The following paragraphs provide reviews of the best dog food products available in the market. The trend of giving vegetarian food to pet dogs is fast catching up. Topic of vegetarian dog food is therefore, discussed in the following paragraphs below.
Innova EVO
The dog food sold by this company is rich in nutrients. It doesn't contain fillers and the food is prepared in a manner which provides nutrients that a dog would receive in the wild. It is due to the high protein content of this dog food that some dogs take time in adjusting to the diet. This dog food costs $1.75 for every 13.2 oz.
The 'Orijen' dog food is recognized by experts for its quality. It doesn't contain grains, and the potatoes fulfill the need of carbohydrates. Carrots, apples and herbs along with probiotic microorganisms are also included in this dog food. It is also a good source of minerals and vitamin B. A 15.4 pound bag of Orijen dog food is priced at $35.
This dog food costs $1.30 for every 13 oz. and doesn't contain grains like wheat, corn or soybean. Canidae is a bit expensive than those products commonly available in supermarkets. Contents of this dog food are free from any chemical preservatives or hormones.
It is a vegetarian dog food product that proves to be a good alternative to meat-based diet. This dog food is prepared by following the AAFCO guidelines. Major ingredients of this healthy dog food product include wheat, oats, soybean meal, beet pulp, etc. It also contains amino acids like L-carnitine and taurine which prevent the occurrence of cardiomyopathy in dogs. A single bag of 33 lbs 'Crunchy Nuggets' costs $49.
Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula
This dog food product is deemed suitable for all the canine breeds. Those dogs sensitive to additives, carbohydrates and specially proteins present in meat-based foods can benefit from the 'Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula'. The natural ingredients and non-meat proteins of this dog food should be helpful in maintaining good health. Different ingredients of this product include brown rice, green peas, oatmeal, potatoes, etc. The price of 5 lbs pack of this product is $15.39.
Top Dog Food Products
The top dog food companies operating in the market are:
  • Orijen Dog Food
  • Innova Evo Dog Food
  • Wellness Core Dog Food
  • California Natural Dog Food
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food
  • Horizon Legacy Dog Food
  • Solid Gold Dog Food
  • Artemis Dog Food
  • Acana Dog Food
  • Merrick Dog Food
Dry Dog Food Comparison
The two types of dog foods available in the market are the dry and canned ones. The water content in dry dog foods is around 10%. The dry dog foods of the companies like 'Orijen' and 'Innova EVO' are considered to be the best in the market. The 'Innova EVO' dog food, that charges $25 for a 13.2 pounds bag is known for its high quality. The 15.4 pounds bag of the 'Orijen' company is priced at $35. It produces dog food that is rich in nutrients and doesn't include any kind of low quality ingredients. Have a look at the list of top 10 best dog foods.
Premium Dog Food Comparisons
The quality or premium dog foods are known for the natural ingredients they contain. Natural dog food is considered to be good for the health of these pets. These food products avoid the use of fillers that lack in nutrients, and provide quality food containing proteins and minerals.
The dog food comparisons mentioned in the above article would help in choosing the right food product for your dog. The overall health of your dog largely depends upon the kind of food that you feed it with.