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Dog Clothes' Patterns

Dog Clothes' Patterns
There are many different patterns available in dog clothing to make your pet look cute and adorable. This article lists some of the popular ones.
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People who are enthusiastic about keeping pet dogs at home do take care of their clothing as well. You will find many cute breeds wearing fancy attire and walking with their masters. Moreover, during winter, dogs also require warm clothing to protect themselves from the cold weather. While choosing an outfit for your pet dog, you have to take precise measurements so that it fits them perfectly. Here are a few samples for clothes patterns that you can choose for your pet.
Various Patterns of Dog Clothes
You will come across a plethora of free clothes patterns from online sources. If you intend to shop online, then check out the printable patterns from the websites. They have collections of outfits meant for different types of dogs. However, you should also know your pet's comfort zone and make sure they find the dress comfortable enough after wearing it. Winter clothing like pullovers, jackets, caps, etc. are sold mainly during the winter season and offer them warmth. Knowing the knitting patterns will help you personalize the best outfit for your pet dog. The best designs are described below.
The four-legged pajamas are very cute. The outfit is designed in such a way that you can easily slip it in the legs and the tail will be out from the rear portion. During the summer season, you can sew a cotton pajama while during winter, you can opt for a thicker fabric. Choose light tones like pink, yellow, and sky-blue during summer. You can also choose a pajama with a hood at the back. Snowflake designs, heart designs, polka dots etc. are some cute patterns. Nighttime pajamas suit every breed.
Tracksuits are mostly meant for tougher species like Alsatians, German Shepherds, Bulldogs, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Dachshunds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, etc. The camouflage prints of tracksuits are ideal for these species. The set consists of a trouser and jacket that fit perfectly on their body. You can also purchase a leather-finish suit of khaki color. A single piece tracksuit is also available in the market and offers the same comfort level. You can also customize your dog's clothing for this purpose.
Dogs also love to cozy up in their sweaters during the winter season. You can start knitting fancy stuff for your pet before the arrival of winter. It can be a sleeveless pullover or a four-legged jacket. The cabled jacket is one of the popular designer wear that can be crocheted or knitted. While stitching a high-neck for your puppy, make sure you keep the neck portion a little wide to allow free head movement. Opt for bright colors for your spaniel and terrier puppies, while a rugged look suits the stronger breeds.
Waist Coat
If you are eager to carry your dog to official events, you can deck it in an ultra formal attire. This implies buying a chiffon or silken waistcoat or a half jacket for your dog. While dressing your pet in this apparel, you have to take care of other accessories as well. The additions include a bow or a tie and a cap. You can also pick up the snuggies for regular use.
If you know dog clothes sewing patterns, then stitch some casual, loose garments for your pet. Cover the fur with light fabrics every time they go out with you. This will not only make them look good, but will also protect their fur from dust and dirt.
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