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10 Dog Breeds that Like Water and Make Excellent Swimmers

10 Dog Breeds that Like Water
Some dogs may run off at the sight of 'water' but there are some breeds that will readily jump into water and have fun. DogAppy gives you information on 10 dog breeds that not only love water, but also are born swimmers.
Raksha Kulkarni
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
A Royal Save
History has it that a water-loving dog, an unknown Newfoundland, saved the life of Napoleon Bonaparte during his famous escape from the island of Elba in 1815. The rough seas swept him away, but he was rescued by a Newfoundland (accompanying a fisherman), which jumped into the sea and saved Napoleon from drifting away until he made it to safety.
Dogs are God's creation, which has helped man at every step. They are companions, helpers, protectors, possibly everything a man could ask for. There are several groups we have made depending on the features of the dog. Water dogs is one of the classifications we have divided them into.

Water dogs are bred for hunting waterfowls and getting them to their master. They are dogs that have a great sense of smell and eyesight. These dogs have excellent swimming abilities too. Spaniels and Retrievers are included in this group. These following dogs are the most used water dogs.
In earlier times, this breed was bred for pulling nets and heavy equipment out of water. This dog weighs almost 100 - 150 pounds, but is a great swimmer. It has webbed feet, which makes it a great swimmer and a thick double coat, which prevents it from getting cold. It is now used in water rescues. It is the sweetest giant and is also famous for its calm temperament and loyalty. It loves children too.
This dog has a natural instinct of saving people in the water, and boasts of many successful rescues in the past.
Portuguese Water Dog
Portuguese water dog
This breed is a medium-sized, rare, and great working dog used by fishermen to herd fish into the nets, find out lost nets, and was also used as a courier service from land to ships or vice versa. Its webbed toes help it to paddle perfectly in water. It is a very intelligent dog and is loyal to its master. It's famous for its hypoallergenic, non-shedding coat.
This breed has recently been in the limelight because of President Obama's love for these beautiful fur balls.
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Chesapeake bay retriever
This dog may look like a Labrador retriever, but it has a wavy coat, unlike the Labrador's smooth coat. This breed belongs to groups like Retriever, gun dogs, and Sporting. It is used as a family companion as well as a companion for hunters to retrieve ducks.

This dog has a powerful chest, which helps it in breaking ice while diving. Its strong hind legs, naturally water-resistant double coat, and webbed toes make it an excellent swimmer. Its profound love for water has made it to this list.
Irish Setter
Irish setter
The Irish setter, also called the Red Setter, is a type of a gun dog. It is believed that it has been bred from a mix of dogs, which also includes the Water Spaniels. It is used by hunters to find birds. The setter has a great sense of smell and stands in a pointer position to show the direction to its master. This dog loves water and swimming. It will readily dive in to get the bird to give it to its owner.
English Setter
English setter dog
This dog is just like the other setters. Its sense of smell being great, it silently leads the hunter to the birds. It has lots of energy, so it can tirelessly work. Take it to swim, and it will enjoy a lot. A very dedicated, even-tempered, and hardworking dog this is.
Golden Retriever
Golden retrievers
An image of a Golden Retriever playing in water is not very hard to imagine! It has got its name by its ability to retrieve waterfowls. Because of its history, this breed has an immense love for water and swimming. Its water-repellent coat helps this dog in its passion for swimming. It is a very intelligent breed and is ready to please the owner.
Irish Water Spaniel
Irish water spaniel
The largest of all Spaniels, the Irish Water Spaniel is quite a rare breed. It is called the clown of the Spaniel family because it does a said task in an extraordinary way. It has a double wavy coat, which sheds less, making it a good pet dog.

It has this ability to fetch without any mess. It loves water, and its webbed feet makes it a great swimmer. Swimming is a good option to drain out the energy of this highly active breed.
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever
This dog is the smallest of the retrievers and can be mistaken as a small Golden Retriever. It was bred to tempt the ducks so that the hunter can shoot, and the dog can bring the dead birds from the water. This breed is suitable in cold climates also because of its dense double coat. Also, the coat is water-repellent. Its webbed feet and thick coat help it to swim well in water.
Labrador Retriever
Labrador retriever
The Labrador also owes its love for water to its history as a retriever. It has a great sense of smell and has a very loving nature, making it an ideal pet dog. It has a semi water-repellent coat and webbed feet, which aid in swimming. No doubt, this dog is amongst the most popular pet dogs. It won't trouble you while you take it for a bath!
Spanish Water Dog
Spanish water dog
This member of the poodle family is a gun dog as well as works as an assistant to fishermen. It has strong herding instincts, but is very loyal and affectionate towards people. This breed will enjoy swimming as work or exercise.
Other Water-loving Dogs
American Water Spaniel
French Water dog (Barbet)
Boykin Spaniel
These breeds are known to love water because of their breeding history, as seen in the research of so many years. However, there still can be some exceptions. There are many other breeds that would join this list, but they are seen in less numbers. All pet owners out there, remember to take precautions even if your dog is a great swimmer.
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