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Dog Breeding for Beginners

Rahul Thadani Nov 24, 2018
Finding the right partner for your dog to breed with, is a crucial aspect that you need to take into consideration. However, it's not the lone aspect that needs your attention when it comes to dog breeding.
Breeding of dogs is not as simple as it may seem. There are many things that the owner of the dog has to take into consideration before he actually selects dogs for breeding. Their health, age, fertility, etc., are a few parameters that play a crucial role in this exercise.


It is very important to get the timing right. Good timing is imperative in order to get a healthy offspring. On the other hand, mistiming can adversely affect the health of the puppies that are born.
The best way to learn about the right time for carrying out the breeding process is to consult either a veterinarian, or somebody who is experienced in the business.

Age and Health

Dog breeding is a tricky subject, especially if the dog owner has no prior experience, or knowledge about it. The next most important thing to consider is the age and health of both the dogs involved. The female dog should be at least two years old, or else the health of the puppies will be affected.
There are a number of health checks that need to be carried out for both the dogs. It goes without saying that prior permission must be taken from the owner of the dog that does not belong to you (that's IF it does not).

Professional Help

You can read about dog breeding over the Internet, or from books, but it is not something that should be carried out without consulting a vet or professional breeder. These professionals can provide some valuable advice and be also at call if there is an emergency.

Financial Resources

Most people fail to take into consideration the financial aspect of the breeding process. This is a task that requires a healthy contribution of financial resources.
You should compulsorily set aside a certain amount of money, which will be required for the purpose of health checks, pregnancy-related emergencies and medication, professional help, and―most importantly―for taking care of the puppies. The puppies must not be separated from their mother for at least 6 - 8 weeks after they are born.

Investment of Time

The last piece of advice is to be prepared to set aside time for the whole breeding process. This is not a task that can be accomplished overnight. It requires a fair investment of time for the process to be carried out smoothly.
Any negligence on your part can have some serious repercussions in the future and thus, it is advisable to keep a watch on the dogs at all times.
Dog breeding is a sensitive issue for most dog owners, so proper care must be taken before and after the actual mating process. You must be absolutely sure that you have chosen the right breed and right dog for your dog to mate with, and that there are absolutely no genetic complications involved.