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Dog Breed Selector Tools

Dog Breed Selector Tools

Dog is a man's best friend. However, selecting the right breed for you and your home can be a bit difficult. This is where the dog breed selector tool comes in handy.
Khushnuma Irani
With 163 dog breeds out there, choosing the perfect one can be difficult. After all, they are all so cute and adorable. However, you can choose one according to your needs by doing a little research, or you can let a selector do it for you.

About The Dog Breed Selector Tool

This is a tool that is used by many people these days. The reason that it is growing in popularity is because it helps people understand their needs and expectations of a dog, and also helps them understand their limitations where a dog is concerned. It is the perfect tool for a novice, and for someone who doesn't have too much information concerning dog breeds.

The first thing you can do is get on the Internet and look for a selector. Websites about canines will have them. The selector will ask you questions which you need to answer. These will be based on your lifestyle, your needs, and the type of dog. Here are some questions that can be asked regarding the dog.
  • How much energy do you want your dog to have?
  • Do you want your dog to be very playful?
  • Do you want an affectionate dog?
  • Do you want a dog that is friendly towards other dogs or pets?
  • Do you want a tiny pocket-sized dog, small dog, medium-sized dog, or a large one?
  • Do you want a dog that does not have shedding problems?
The selector also tries to match the dog to your lifestyle, so here are some questions that try to determine the best one for you and your lifestyle.
  • Is this your first dog or have you owned one before?
  • Can you control a dominating dog?
  • Do you live in a flat, bungalow, or on a farm?
  • Do you have a big yard or a small one?
  • Do you have children?
  • Do you want a dog that is beneficial for those with allergies?
  • Can you spend time on daily grooming? Or do you want it to be weekly or monthly?
  • Do you want a dog to jog or walk with?
  • Do you want a dog that provides adequate protection to your house?
  • Will you be putting your dog in a kennel service while you are at work?
List of Dog Breeds

Once the selector has processed your information, it will generate a list of breeds suitable for you and your lifestyle. You can then do some research and find out more about them.

There are many categories in dog breeds. The following list is characterized according to behavior and physical features.
  • Sight hounds
  • Scent hounds
  • Gunny sack dogs
  • Terriers
  • Spitz or Arctic dogs
  • Herding dogs (also called Pastoral dogs)
  • Guard dogs
  • Working dogs
  • Toy dogs
  • Hunting dogs
  • Cur dogs
  • Bully breeds
With all the information available to you, it shouldn't be difficult for you to get yourself a dog. Thus, the selector will prove to be of great help.