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Dog Bed Patterns

Dog Bed Patterns
Pet care shops have a huge collection of dog bed patterns. To help you know some useful designs that are cute and trendy at the same time, here's this article for you. Read on...
Saptakee Sengupta
If we, human beings can be so concerned about our comfort, then why not offer equal degree of luxury to our pet dogs? Taking care of your pet becomes one of your prime responsibilities when you have brought it home with so much alacrity in your heart. And selecting a good quality bed is as important as deciding its diet. This is because, your doggy also needs rest at the end of the day.
You will more often find your dog sleeping merrily over your bed. The only reason for this is, it finds immense pleasure to cozy up in the soft material that further provides the much coveted comfort. Numerous varieties of dog bed patterns are available at pet care shops that help you in making the right choice. We shall offer you some useful designs along with some tips for selecting the right bed.
Tips for Choosing a Dog Bed
  • You have to experiment a little initially while determining the material that would make your dog feel comfortable while sleeping. Memory foam and pure cotton mattresses are best suited for docile species while innerspring or coiled beds are perfect for sturdy dogs. Beds having wooden or wrought iron casing is an excellent buy for dogs.
  • The most important criterion is the size of the bed. Therefore, take measurements in a way that its bed is large enough to accommodate its body freely. Furthermore, choose a shape that would allow it to move freely or sleep comfortably. The choice of shape will also depend upon its size.
  • Specific types of beds, known as orthopedic or thermapedic beds are available for old dogs suffering from joint pain, back aches and different types of bone pain. Such beds are equipped with memory foams that provide immense comfort to them.
  • A few breeds have the tendency to chew their beds and you must buy a chew-proof mattress and foam for them. Washable dog beds must always be purchased because pets mess with them very often. Thus, you need to clean them more frequently.
Different Patterns of Dog Beds
  • A square bed is suitable for every breed since it provides enough space for free movement. Similar is the utility of rectangular beds as well. Such patterns are readily available in the market and you can easily stuff a mattress into it. Cover the mattress with a waterproof sheet for making it last long.
  • A circular bed looks highly attractive and it gives a royal feel. Such beds are also known as no sew fleece beds since a huge piece of cloth is folded in the shape of a circle and the foam is embedded at the center. It looks more like a couch or a bean bag and your little puppy can easily snuggle into it. You can do this easily at home by folding the sides of the fabric and passing a string through the seam. Draw the strings when your puppy is sleeping so that the bed doesn't open up.
  • A polar fleece snuggle dog bed is utterly comfortable for small dogs. It resembles a pillow wherein a mattress is slipped into it and the mouth of the cover is kept wide open. Your doggy can crawl inside and keep his head out from the top. It's one of the best dog bed sewing patterns, that could be easily created at home.
  • If you have tamed multiple dogs at home, then buy a wooden bunk bed for them. While buying or ordering for a bunk bed, ensure that the stairs are compact and devoid of empty spaces. This is much preferred over ladders because dogs find difficulty in climbing ladders. Another factor that should be taken care of is the height of the bed and the space between individual bunks. Make sure that the bed has considerably high edges to prevent any mishap.
  • Quilted dog beds are extremely cozy and they love to play and sleep on them. Puffy beds are available in attractive patterns and you must use a washable cover for it. Opt for a moderately firm foam for the mattress to allow your dog to rest peacefully. A chew-proof mattress and cover is desirable for quilted dog beds. Donut shapes and elongated quilt beds look cute and trendy.
  • The most simple design is that of a lounge dog bed. A high quality mattress is laid on the sleeper bed, that resembles a sofa. The size of the lounge is kept a little bigger than the size of your dog so that it can relax merrily on the soft cushion. The couch has raised arm and headrests and pets enjoy slouching on the soft foam with which it has been equipped with.
  • Travel dog beds are simply bed rolls, stuffed with a light foams that could be carried easily while traveling. The rolls are opened when needed and are folded back after use. You will find a good collection of travel dog beds in pet hardware shops and therefore, check the quality before buying
Now I'm sure you would be able to pick up the right one for your pet. Taking care of a pet is indeed a daunting task and therefore, always purchase waterproof materials for easy washing. Keep its bed clean and maintain proper hygiene for healthy upbringing of your adorable dog.
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