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Dachshund Names

Dachshund Names
This article provides a list of unique and interesting names for Dachshunds which will help you to find a great name for your adorable pet.
Mayuri Kulkarni
The Dachshund is a popular dog breed known for its peculiar short legs and long body. It belongs to the hound family. The literal meaning of 'dachshund' is badger dog, a hunter dog used for burrowing activities. This breed is very loving and makes a great pet. It has a great adaptability and can easily blend in with any type of lifestyle. It is very loyal and affectionate towards its owner. This breed loves children and connects very well with all the family members. At times, it may get irritated and feel jealous because of other canines. It is highly-devoted to its master and hence makes a great family pet.
Naming your new pet Dachshund can be fun. When it comes to naming a pet, you need a name that will reflect the personality and typical characteristics of that animal. You should not hurry while finding a name for your new pet dog. Take some time, let the dachshund interact with your family members, let it get accustomed to the environment of your home. With this, you will get to understand certain habits or features of your new pet. This can make the naming process a bit easier. You need to keep in mind certain things while selecting the name for your dachshund. See that the name is easy to pronounce and you can easily join the commands with the name like sit, run, come, etc. Choose a name such that it is also easy for the dog to identify. If you want a long name, then see that you can easily come up with a short nickname for it as well. Given below is a list of names for male and female Dachshunds.
Names for Males
Angus Aesir
Beanie Baldur
Beanie Blaze
Blitzen Frank
Freud Gunter
Ginnungagap PeeWee
Rusty Asgard
James Mark
Edrik Meldon
Moxie Odin
Norman Loki
Chip Pretzel
Oscar Stollen
Dexter Edison
Scooter Hermit
Trucker Elvis
Maxwell Arnold
Axel Baxter
Bentley Jasper
Luther Marty
Max Murphy
Felix Viktor
Strusel Duncan
Heber Ian
William Reghan
Abel Stumpy
Thor Vanir
Sauerbraten Brutus
Delman Sam
Melbourne Faran
Derill Arlen
Beltran Haris
MacKenzei Newton
Elmoor Desmond
Farold Saul
Allen Gerry
Names for Females
Aila Allie
Strudel Pickles
Schnitzel Mini
Bella Bessie
Aruba Cookie
Olympia Nyela
Antonnia Heidi
Kyra Helga
Mynx Grainne
Akira Rheanna
Dana Dixie
Ira Brownie
Lilly Elsie
Kiki Precious
Tweed Faith
Twiggy Daffodil
Akiya Beka
Amber Dahlia
Dee Dee Lenka
Danica Dimples
Fudge Lyla
Star Dolly
Delta Elsa
Freda Riley
Sammy Sky
Sophie Penny
Samara Moira
Rainbow Anika
Tanya Tori
Trista Magena
Amalda Grace
Chocolate Nichole
Briony Ellice
Angel Angelina
Gretchen Lulu
Millie Alice
These were some of the popular dachshund names. Name your new family member with any of the names given above. Just ensure that you pronounce the name correctly so that it makes it easy for the dog to identify and does not create any type of confusion.