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Dachshund Care

Tulika Nair Nov 5, 2018
If you have decided to get yourself a dachshund, you need to understand what is important for its proper care so that your dog leads a long and healthy life.
"Some day, if I ever get a chance, I shall write a book, or warning, on the character and temperament of the dachshund and why he can't be trained and shouldn't be. I would rather train a striped zebra to balance an Indian club than induce a dachshund to heed my slightest command."
- E.B. White
Dachshunds are notorious for being stubborn resistors of any form of training but with care and training as a puppy, you can get your darling pet dog to do your bidding albeit with some show of obstinacy.
But apart from that, they are lovable and affectionate and one of the best dog breeds to have as a pet, especially if you live in an apartment. They are pretty low maintenance and it is an easy task to bring up the dog.
The history of this breed of dog can be traced back almost 600 years to Germany. Traditionally their use was restricted to hunting and tracking. They were especially effective in catching small creatures who used holes as habitats.
The name dachshund literally translates to badger dog, and this name was first used for the dog breed sometime in the 1600s.

How to Care for a Dachshund

Showering your pet with love and affection is important but proper care also includes bathing, clipping nails, brushing, proper grooming, training, etc. You need to follow care tips in order to ensure that your dog is healthy.
One of the most important things to do is to vaccinate your pup against diseases as soon as you get her. She will also need to get yearly vaccinations apart from other medications. Also, use proper products that protect her against fleas and other pests.
If you have other pets or children at home, it is important that you get your dog to interact with them. They are not the best dogs to have around kids as they are easily irritated. But if you train her well, then you may not have this problem.
As mentioned earlier, house training a dachshund is a mammoth task that requires all your patience and perseverance. You need proper motivators to train them. Food is a brilliant motivator for most dogs. Also, praise your dog every time she does something right.
Use her name in the praise so that she is aware she is being addressed. At the same time while shouting at your dog, avoid calling her name. It causes negative reinforcement. Ensure that regular exercise is a integral part of her daily routine. This is very important as dachshunds are prone to putting on weight and becoming obese.
The right food is very important. Feed them a food product that has 40% meat, 50% vegetables and 10% carbohydrates. The food needs to have fiber content which is important for their health.
Proper dog grooming is very important for this breed of dogs. If they are the long-haired variety, their coat needs to be brushed daily. The short-haired species need to be groomed at least twice a week to ensure that their coat remains glossy and does not harbor dead hair.
These dogs do not shed a lot of hair. They need to be bathed regularly; at least on a monthly basis, and their nails should be trimmed every couple of weeks.
Never hold a dachshund by its paws or head as it may hurt them. Hold it by its ends and support its back while doing so as its long back makes it susceptible to back problems. Also, it is important that you do not let them climb up or down the stairs as it puts pressure on their backs.
Back problems in dachshunds is very common and it is better to take all measures to avoid any kind of affliction. Jumping and sitting on their hind legs also exerts a lot of pressure on their backs and though it may seem cute, it can cause them a lot of pain.
Other problems that they are prone to are heart diseases, hip dysplasia, and spinal problems. Taking your dog to the vet at regular intervals to monitor health problems, if any, is an important aspect of proper care for them.
Most dogs of this species live for 12 - 15 years with proper care. An affectionate and lively dog, if you have a member of this species in your life, you will be unable to keep yourself away from it.