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Delightfully Cute Names for Your Pet Chihuahua

Cute Names For Your Pet Chihuahua
Though Chihuahuas are small, they can be fiercely protective and extremely loyal. Also, their even temperament make them ideal pets. Now, if you plan to get one or have already got one and have yet to decide a name for it, let DogAppy help you with these cute names for your pet Chihuahua.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: May 13, 2018
Did You Know?
The Aztecs considered Chihuahuas to be sacred. These dogs were believed to possess healing powers, and were buried with their owners believing that the Chihuahua escorted their owners safely to the afterlife.
Yo quiero Taco Bell, we all remember that famous Taco Bell commercial, don't we? And how can we forget Gidget (The Taco Bell Chihuahua)? She was a popular figure and a lucky charm for the Taco Bell company. It is said that the popularity of the commercial contributed significantly to the popularity of Chihuahuas as pets. Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, teacher and popular children's book author says, "Even the tiniest Poodle or Chihuahua is still a wolf at heart." How right she is about this particular characteristic of Chihuahuas. They are the epitome of the saying that good things come in small packages. They are known to be courageous, lively, and loyal at heart. They are fairly small, and hence, ideal for small spaces or apartments.

So, now that you got home a Chihuahua, and are still unsure about what you would call it? Relax, go through these suggestions and I am sure, you will find one to your liking.
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Male Names
Argon Benton Curry Dazzle
Darrin Dominic Elvis Elliott
Elan Ervin Flash Fletch
Franklin Ferrari Franco Gandalf
Galley Gadget Hawk Hamlet
Harvey Ian Igloo Jonathyn
Jetty Jovial Klovis Kallita
Lennon Les Paul Marvel Medley
Mambo Mugsy Norvil Neon
Nevus Otis Orbit Orham
Ozzie Pepper Pesto Pinto
Peewee Paul Quincy Romeo
Rebel Rosco Ronal Salvadore
Scotty Scamp Trevor Titus
Tucker Tommy Turbo Umaga
Ulric Vitto Vicar Viper
Valentino Wyatt Waylon Wubbzy
Xavier Xerox Yoggi Yankee
Yule Ziggy zack Zeus
Female Names
Angel Abby Amanda Brenda
Bunny Bella Coco Charlie
Chloe Candy Duchess Daisy
Diva Destiny Dina Eiffel
Elvira Echo Eva Flora
Fiona Foxy Fiffy Gazelle
Gwen Gracie Ginger Hiccup
Harley Heidi Izzie Ivory
Indigo Iris Jewel Juliet
JoJo Katie Karma Kandice
Lovedy Ladybug Liz Missy
Minnie Molly Nicky Neva
Nessie Natasha Nyla Oak
Pixie Princess Queen Raven
Rose Roxy Ruby Snuggle
Stella Sugar Snickers Tina
Twinkles Tulip Thyme Utopia
Unity Vicki Violet Valentine
Wonder Wavy Xasha Yoko
Many celebrities too, like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, etc., are proud owners of this breed. Celebrities apart, as proud pet parents, care and love will ensure that you have a lifelong companion who will dote on you always.