100 Cute Mexican Names (With Their Meanings) for Your Puppy

100 Cute Mexican Names for Your Puppy
Just like children's names, pet names too fall in and out of fashion. Names like Angel, Coco, Zoe have become really outdated. If you are looking out for unique or funny names for your pet, then you have come to the right place. Buzzle has collated some popular and cute Mexican names for your adorable puppy.
Did You Know?
In Mexican Folklore, evil sorcerers are believed to be able to transform themselves into a black dog, in order to prey on the livestock of their neighbors. In Central Mexico, such a sorcerer is known by the name of Nahual.
Tired of keeping the same cliched name for your pet? How about you give your pet an ethnic name? Popular pet cartoon characters name like Snoopy, Scooby Do are fairly common and some pet owners might want to consider a Mexican name for their pet canine, simply because it sounds good.

Your dog definitely deserves a special name that will make him proud to stand by his master's side. So go through the compiled list of unique Mexican names for your pooch, and I am sure you will find one to your liking.
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Female Names With Meanings
Adoncia: Sweet
Alita: Noble, kind
Bebe: Lively
Bonita: Pretty
Chiquis: Small
Carina: Little one
Damita: Little princess
Dulcinea: Sweet
Eldora: Covered in gold
Elvira: Foreign, true
Fuensanta: Holy Fountain
Felicia: Lucky
Gordita: Chubby
Gitana: Gypsy
Herminia: Lady Of the Earth
Hermelinda: Shield of power
Isleta: Little island
Ines: Gentle
Jacinta: Hyacinth flower
Juanita: Form of Johanna
Kesare: Long-haired
Kayla: Crown Of laurels
Linda: Pretty
Luna: Moon
Laya: Calm
Madeira: Sweet wine
Melosa: Gentle
Nina: Little girl
Neva: Covered in snow
Ontario: Lake
Odessa: Long voyage
Paloma: Dove
Pilar: Pillar
Querida: Beloved
Rosa: Rose
Raisin: Serious
Savanna: Open plain
Sierra: Saw-tooth mountain
Tamara: Palm tree
Tierra: Earth
Ursa: Little she bear
Ulana: Luck
Vito: Lively
Vida: Life
Winona: First-born daughter
Xaviera: Bright
Xara: Blooming flower
Yomaris: Sun
Yadira: Energetic
Zerlina: Beautiful dawn
Male Names With Meanings
Armando: Soldier
Amato: Beloved
Burrito: Little donkey
Benito: Blessed
Carlos: Strong
Castel: Belonging to a castle
Diablo: Devil
Devante: Fighter of wrong
Emilio: Winner
Esteban: Crown
Fidel: Faithful
Felipe: Lover of horses
Gizmo: Gadget
Galeno: Little bright one
Hendrix: Modern name
Hector: Defend
Inigo: Unknowing
Iago: Supplanter
Juan: Gracious
Julio: Soft-haired
Kapitan: Captain
Lobo: Wolf
Luccas: White
Marco: Warlike
Manuel: God is with us
Neron: Stern
Noe: Peace
Oleos: Holy oil
Pablo: Small
Paco: From France
Quiero: Want
Quinto: Fifth
Rio: River
Rico: Noble ruler
Santos: Of the saints
Senon: Given life by Zeus
Tajo: Day
Tequila: Alcohol
Umberto: Color of Earth
Ulrich: Leader
Vicente: Victory
Vido: Quick mind
Waldo: Ruler
Vato: Guy
Ximen: Obedient
Xizor: Responsible
Yul: Past the horizon
Yum-Yum: Tasty
Zenon: Living
Hero of the dawn
These suggestions should help you name your pet, if you have some good names and suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments section below.
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