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100 Cute Mexican Names (With Their Meanings) for Your Puppy

100 Cute Mexican Names for Your Puppy
Just like children's names, pet names too fall in and out of fashion. Names like Angel, Coco, Zoe have become really outdated. If you are looking out for unique or funny names for your pet, then you have come to the right place. DogAppy has collated some popular and cute Mexican names for your adorable puppy.
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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Did You Know?
In Mexican Folklore, evil sorcerers are believed to be able to transform themselves into a black dog, in order to prey on the livestock of their neighbors. In Central Mexico, such a sorcerer is known by the name of Nahual.
Tired of keeping the same cliched name for your pet? How about you give your pet an ethnic name? Popular pet cartoon characters name like Snoopy, Scooby Do are fairly common and some pet owners might want to consider a Mexican name for their pet canine, simply because it sounds good.

Your dog definitely deserves a special name that will make him proud to stand by his master's side. So go through the compiled list of unique Mexican names for your pooch, and I am sure you will find one to your liking.
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Female Names With Meanings
  • Adoncia: Sweet
  • Alita: Noble, kind
  • Bebe: Lively
  • Bonita: Pretty
  • Chiquis: Small
  • Carina: Little one
  • Damita: Little princess
  • Dulcinea: Sweet
  • Eldora: Covered in gold
  • Elvira: Foreign, true
  • Fuensanta: Holy Fountain
  • Felicia: Lucky
  • Gordita: Chubby
  • Gitana: Gypsy
  • Herminia: Lady Of the Earth
  • Hermelinda: Shield of power
  • Isleta: Little island
  • Ines: Gentle
  • Jacinta: Hyacinth flower
  • Juanita: Form of Johanna
  • Kesare: Long-haired
  • Kayla: Crown Of laurels
  • Linda: Pretty
  • Luna: Moon
  • Laya: Calm
  • Madeira: Sweet wine
  • Melosa: Gentle
  • Nina: Little girl
  • Neva: Covered in snow
  • Ontario: Lake
  • Odessa: Long voyage
  • Paloma: Dove
  • Pilar: Pillar
  • Querida: Beloved
  • Rosa: Rose
  • Raisin: Serious
  • Savanna: Open plain
  • Sierra: Saw-tooth mountain
  • Tamara: Palm tree
  • Tierra: Earth
  • Ursa: Little she bear
  • Ulana: Luck
  • Vito: Lively
  • Vida: Life
  • Winona: First-born daughter
  • Xaviera: Bright
  • Xara: Blooming flower
  • Yomaris: Sun
  • Yadira: Energetic
  • Zerlina: Beautiful dawn

Male Names With Meanings
  • Armando: Soldier
  • Amato: Beloved
  • Burrito: Little donkey
  • Benito: Blessed
  • Carlos: Strong
  • Castel: Belonging to a castle
  • Diablo: Devil
  • Devante: Fighter of wrong
  • Emilio: Winner
  • Esteban: Crown
  • Fidel: Faithful
  • Felipe: Lover of horses
  • Gizmo: Gadget
  • Galeno: Little bright one
  • Hendrix: Modern name
  • Hector: Defend
  • Inigo: Unknowing
  • Iago: Supplanter
  • Juan: Gracious
  • Julio: Soft-haired
  • Kapitan: Captain
  • Lobo: Wolf
  • Luccas: White
  • Marco: Warlike
  • Manuel: God is with us
  • Neron: Stern
  • Noe: Peace
  • Oleos: Holy oil
  • Pablo: Small
  • Paco: From France
  • Quiero: Want
  • Quinto: Fifth
  • Rio: River
  • Rico: Noble ruler
  • Santos: Of the saints
  • Senon: Given life by Zeus
  • Tajo: Day
  • Tequila: Alcohol
  • Umberto: Color of Earth
  • Ulrich: Leader
  • Vicente: Victory
  • Vido: Quick mind
  • Waldo: Ruler
  • Vato: Guy
  • Ximen: Obedient
  • Xizor: Responsible
  • Yul: Past the horizon
  • Yum-Yum: Tasty
  • Zenon: Living
  • Zorro: Hero of the dawn
These suggestions should help you name your pet, if you have some good names and suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments section below.
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