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Cute and Sweet-sounding Italian Dog Names and their Meanings

Cute Italian Dog Names and their Meanings
If you want to try an unconventional name for your dog, and Italian names have struck your fancy, allow us to help you. We have enlisted cute Italian dog names, along with their meanings. Go ahead and choose a beautiful name picked from this Romance language.
Neha B Deshpande
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
If you want an Italian name for your pooch, seek inspiration from Italy's beautiful cities like Venice, Romeo, or Pisa. Use these as names for your pet dog.
Italian is a language of love and romance. Its words are music to the ears. Some of the sweet-sounding words from this language can be used as cute dog names. How about using an Italian word as a name for your pet dog?
Abruzzese mastiff
Abruzzese Mastiff
Italian greyhound
Italian Greyhound
Italian shepherd
Italian Shepherd
Maltese dog
Maltese Dog
Abruzzese Mastiff, Italian Greyhound, Italian Shepherd, and Maltese are some of the commonly known Italian dog breeds. But Italian names are not restricted to just these. You could give Italian names to dogs of any breed. Before choosing one though, it's important to understand its meaning. And make sure you know how to pronounce it. Good for you and your pooch, if the name is easy to say. Also, consider the personality and gender of your pet and choose a name accordingly. For instance a name like Palla which means 'ball' may not suit a lean dog or Donna referring to a 'woman' will not suit a male dog.

We are here to help you with a list of Italian names for male and female dogs. And we have some funny names too. See if you like them and let us know if you chose one from these. We have enlisted more than 100 beautiful Italian names for your dog, along with their meanings.
Cute Italian Names for a MALE Dog
Allegro meaning merry Alto meaning tall
Amico meaning friend Amore meaning love
Angelo meaning angel Apello meaning appeal
Argento meaning silver Aumento meaning rise
Azione meaning action Balleto meaning ballet
Bambino  meaning little boy Bello meaning nice
Bronzo meaning bronze Bruno meaning brown haired
Canto meaning song Caramello meaning caramel
Carino meaning cute, pretty Cibo meaning food
Cielo meaning sky Cuscino meaning pillow
Divino meaning divine Dolce meaning sweet
Eroe meaning hero Fausto meaning auspicious
Freddo meaning cold Fresco meaning cool
Genio meaning genius Lupo meaning wolf
Marino meaning marine Miracolo meaning miracle
Mistero meaning mystery Nano meaning small
Nastro meaning ribbon Oceono meaning ocean
Oro meaning gold Petalo meaning petal
Piccolo meaning tiny Prezioso meaning precious
Regalo meaning gift Riccio meaning curly
Romeo adapted from city name 'Rome' Rosso meaning red color
Saggio meaning wise Sole meaning sun
Sorriso meaning smile Splendido meaning splendid
Toro meaning bull Uccello meaning bird
Cute Italian Names for a FEMALE Dog
Acqua meaning water Alba meaning dawn
Anima meaning soul Bambola meaning doll
Bellezza meaning beauty Bianca meaning white
Brillare meaning shine Cadere meaning drop
Cara meaning special, dear Casa meaning home
Cascata meaning waterfall Collana meaning necklace
Colomba meaning dove Crema meaning cream
Cura meaning care Danza meaning dance
Delizia meaning delight Donna meaning woman
Fata meaning fairy Fede meaning faith
Fedele meaning loyal Felice meaning happy
Fiore meaning flower Gemma meaning bud
Gloria meaning glory Grazia meaning grace
Guida meaning lead, guide Libertà meaning freedom
Luce meaning light Luna meaning moon
Magia meaning magic Marrone meaning brown
Melodia meaning melody Musica meaning music
Nuvola meaning cloud Ombra meaning shade
Palla meaning ball Perla meaning pearl
Perlina meaning bead Poesia meaning poem
Regina meaning queen Roma adapted from the city 'Rome'
Stella meaning star Stringa meaning string
Terra meaning earth Verde meaning green
Viola meaning violet Vittoria meaning victory
Vivace meaning lively Volare meaning fly
Funny Italian Names
Beautiful Young Puppy Italian Mastiff
Naso meaning nose Alcol meaning alcohol
Tatuaggio meaning tattoo Pisello meaning pea
Timido meaning shy Comico meaning comic
Cupido adapted from cupid Pazzo meaning crazy
Spezia meaning spice Biscotto meaning biscuit
Torta meaning from cake Gelatina meaning jelly
Vino meaning wine Frutta meaning fruit
Poco meaning little Dado meaning nut
The convention while giving an Italian name is that names which end with an 'o' are considered suitable for a male, whereas names which end with an 'a' suit a female. Choose to go by the convention or take a different way. The choice is yours.