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Cute Girl Dog Names

Looking for some cute girl dog names, which you girls can use to name your best friends? Here is a list of some of the best names for your dog, something which not only you, but even your dog is simply going to love.
DogAppy Staff
We want the best of everything for our best friends, the dogs. After all, why not, since they are our true friends, since they love us unconditionally, despite not being a part of the intelligent class like humans. They are ready to protect us with their lives, they give us company when we need someone the most, they trust us completely no matter how we treat them. In return, they just want our love and company, nothing else. Hence, it costs us nothing to give them the best, even if it's a simple thing as dog names. Girls who have pet dogs at home, are not satisfied with some of the names that they usually get to hear. Either the names are too masculine or sound rough and tough. What we girls want are names that sound sweet and melodious to hear, and that has a feminine touch to it. Here are some really cute names which will help you in choosing a name for your lovely pet.
Cute Girl Names for Dogs
Choosing the best name can be a bit tough. Girls want something sweet and melodious. What you have to do is put on your thinking cap and come up with some really unique and cool names for dogs. Choose a name that suits your dog's personality, or maybe its physical features, and choose something which will not be embarrassing. This is a name that your dog has to live with as long as it lives, hence, make sure that you choose a name that you will love calling out and a name that it will love responding to. Can't think of anything? Here are some names for female puppies and dogs, which are sure to help you in some way.
List of Names
Aaliya Abby Aurora
Ambrosia Amethyst Ash
Athena Bangle Babette
Begonia Blondie Brittany
Brianna Caramelo Catalina
Charmer Cashmere Cashmere
Clementine Coral Cuddles
Daiquiri Dazzler Dee - dee
Dumpling Anastasia Coaster
Carob Avalon Bella
Buffy Boo-boo Chelsea
Catalina Brassy Brownie
Crimson Dizzy Duchess
Dandelion Dudette Fantasia
Flirt Ebony Emma
Falafel Emily Eclipse
Flower Fuddles Fudge
Freckles Giggles Gretel
Gumball Hershey Heaven
Ginger Gin Giselle
Goldie Holly Hope
Isabella Ivy Jade
Jingles Jemima Julie
Juliet Jojo Jemma
Kahlua Kilo Kiwi
Koko Jezabel Kiki
Karmin Keeper Karen
Kareena Lacey Lisa
Lizzy Lulu Lily
Lucy Linda Lassie
Lavender Leila Lambchop
Manhattan Mona Moochy
Mystic Minnie Moptop
Midget Paisley Omega
Nickles Nappa Panama
Porsche Pudding Queeny
Rainbow Ruffles Sassy
Schmooze Snickers Solstice
Sugar Texas Truffles
Twinkle Tootsie Ursula
Vanilla Valentine Wags
Wanda Zippy Willow
Zelda Xena Zippo
This was a list names that you can choose from. This list will help you girls come up with some really good and cute names for your best friend. You can also try out some of the funny dog names. But this list is only for emergency situations where you are running out of names for your dog. When you look at your dog for the first time, try and think of what is your first impression about it; naughty, playful, quiet, ferocious, and so on, and depending on that, choose a name. You can also choose a name on the basis of the color of the fur or your dog, or maybe the color of its eyes. Come on girls, put on your thinking cap and come up with some more unique names for your dog. Let me know what you name your dog.