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Cute, Funny, and Unique Names for Your Black Dog

Cute and Funny Black Dog Names
Adopting a dog as a pet and naming it is a very beautiful and enjoyable process for any dog owner! However, the dark-skinned dogs get overlooked in the process due to their color. If you have broken this vicious norm, DogAppy has listed several names for your black four-legged friend!
Rucha Phatak
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
What is BDS?
Happy Dog Standing In Autumn Park
Black Dog Syndrome is a phenomenon in which light-colored dogs are chosen for adoption over the black ones. The reason for this syndrome can be traced back to the negative connotation associated with the color black and black-colored dogs, in particular, defined in books, movies, and popular media.
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The taboo of color discrimination exists among mankind; however, a color bias among animals is definitely surprising. Animal shelters across the world have reported customers' preference for dogs with light coat colors than their dark-colored counterparts. Since the color black is associated with negativity, a black dog becomes the last choice for adoption.
Some probable reasons of BDS
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➦ Black dogs are perceived to be more aggressive, hence light-colored dogs are considered to be a safer option than the dark-colored ones.
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➦ Black color is considered as the color of evil.
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➦ Black dogs are believed to shed more hair.
Black dog
➦ The agitations by the animal shelters and rescues against this ridiculous syndrome has made owners aware of the other prevalent qualities in these dogs than just the color.
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A black dog, like any other adopted dog, needs your love and affection. One way of pouring out your love for it, is to give it an apt name. DogAppy offers you a list of unique names to choose one.
Black Dog-Male
Dog Names Meanings
Ace The Ace of Spades
Ash The residue after burning
Bootleg Sold illegally, another name for black market
Corbin Quite dark in French
Delano Night time
Domino A touch of white
Draven A child of beautiful shadows
Dusk Twilight
Eclipse Darkening
Padfoot Spectral creature or a Goblin
Adrian Black in Latin
Alva Black in Spanish
Bran Raven in Irish
Bronson Anglo Saxon― son of dark man
Bruno Teutonic―dark-skinned
Darcy Dark one
Doyle Irish, Gaelic― black; dark stranger
Sullivan Gaelic― dark, black eyes
Noir French― black
Black Dog-Female
 Dog Names  Meanings
Ashley Old English― ash meadow
B.B. Black Beauty
Ebony Black
Fia Irish Gaelic―dark
Jetta Latin― jet black
Leila Arabic― dark as the night
Shady Lady Seemingly nice woman with devious motives
Dee Welsh―black, dark
Duvessa Irish― dark beauty
Lilith Hebrew― dark; a woman of the night
Melanie Latin―dark-skinned
Rajani Sanskrit―night
Sheba African Queen
Noire French―black
Cute and Funny Names
Winter Dog
Licorice (for sweet flavor)

Coffee (for dark color)

Velvet (for velvety coat)


Onyx (black-colored stone)



Musqua (Little Bear)







Unique Names
Black Dog In A Park
Blake (Black)

Cinders (Cinderella, for black coat)

Black Mamba




Colbie (black as coal)

Chu Dhub (Black dog in Gaelic)

Daegan Kai - (Irish meaning dark haired)

Drakkar Noir (a men's cologne)

Duncan (black warrior)

Kieran Mael (meaning dark in Irish)

Kuro (Japanese word for Charcoal)

Morticia (after the Addams Family)

Blackberry (for blackberry cell phones)

Dark Knight (from Batman movie series)

Asphalt (dark liquid form of petroleum)
Sad Dog Waiting
As Roger Caras (photographer and writer) quotes―"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." Make this black dog a part of your life by picking out a suitable name for it from Buzzle's handy dog name list.
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Mixed Breed Dog Outdoors In Nature
Dog Frisbee
Beautiful Fluffy Black Dog Breed Chow Chow Sits Summer
Playful Black Dog Labrador Puppy
Blaming Dog Among The Pieces Of Paper
Paddleboarding Dog
Walking Shih Tzu Dog
Adorable Spitz Dog Running On Beach
Black Dog
Black Pug Sitting In Dog Bed
Russian Color Lap Dog In The Dress
Dog Days Of Summer
Black Pomeranian In A Dog Purse
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