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Cool Names for Dogs

Fashionable and Cool Names for the Most Stylish Dogs Out There

The following DogAppy article suggests some cool names for dogs. Scroll down for some unique names for female dogs, male dogs, as well as for black dogs.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
When it comes to choosing dog names, people have their own rules. Some choose by color, some by breed, some choose according to their dog's personality, while others choose names, which are fun to call out, and are unique and special. Whatever might be your criteria, given below is a list of cool dog names, from which you can take your pick. To make things easier for you, they have been divided into three categories. Go on, and have a look at these amazing dog names.
Male Dog Names
Caesar, Cheetah, and Hercules are some examples of macho dog names, while Hamlet, Matador, and Admiral are some examples of killer dog names!
Caesar Jitterbug Colonel
Katmandu Mad-Max Dallas
Sierra Casanova Hogan
Atlantis Cheetah Fonzi
Aladdin Hercules Mango
Apollo Mantra Happy
Deuce Adonis Astro
Imagine Denali Jackpot
Casino Muscles McCoy
Aristotle Gumdrop Eagle
Action Matzo Elvis
Crash Dakota Mugsy
Killer Attila Bentley
Boone Bali Litmus
Matador Hawk Kahlua
Max Lucky Admiral
Cadbury Pickles Dutch
Ninja Amos Achilles
Letterman Magic Aldoro
Cayenne Bean Chubby
Maverick Macho Espresso
Houdini Hotshot Lyric
Alpine Austin Hot Dog
Hamlet Laker Maynard
Hippo Atom Airborne
Havoc Samurai Apache
Malcolm Chaos Beans
Cola Jazz Mambo
Hooligan Wrangler Art
Durango Kahuna Chili
Czar Jack Daniel
Littleone Magnum Jasper
Cognac Loony Killer
Jerky Kaiser Lion
Maestro Magnet Brando
Handsome Gringo Lefty
Gumball Java Mozart
Bogart Littleguy Attaboy
Magnum Cody Maverick
Female Dog Names
Giggles, Angel, and Lolita are some cute names for female dogs, while Didi, Geisha, and Tequila are some unique names.
Ambrosia Autumn Didi
Violet Petunia Gigi
Isabella Pepper Taboo
Blossom Aurora Bandanna
Empress Mottie Raven
Vogue Doodle Fuchsia
Daisy Athena Begonia
Dancer Pebbles Fly Girl
Glitter Anastasia Fable
Calamity Beauty Blanche
Delta Geisha Bahama
Mama Bangle Lotus
Pickles Giggles Friday
Lovey Ping Toot
Mocha Angel Glennis
Amore Eclipse Diamond
Serenade Annie Tipsy
Cuddles Cameo Rapunzel
Boo-boo Frisky Tizzy
Bee-bee Dumpling Paris
Asia Sasha Fuddles
Fudge Sable Bon-bon
Ebony Calico Tequila
Bashful Cashmere Moochy
Rainbow Tahnee Raisin
Lolita Orbit Blondie

Cool Names for Black Dogs

Pepper Phantom Jet
Charcoal Midnight Smoky
Blake Raven Shadow
Eclipse Rajani Blackmail
Velvet Carbon Midnight
Blackberry Twilight Black Knight
Ashley Sooty Nighthawk
Thunder Nightingale Tera
Shadow Blackie Nightingale

One last tip before I sign off. Choose your dog's name very carefully, as it is by this very name that your dog will respond to your love as well as commands during dog training. So take your time, and finally select easy, recognizable, yet cool names!
Dog On The Grass For A Picnic
Dog In Kennel
Samoyed Dog
White Dog Samoyed Laying On Chair
Chow Chow At Dog Agility Trial
Lovely Brown Chow Chow Dog
Dog Driving A Car
Family Dog
Dog Holding In Mouth Red Tulip
Sad Dog In A Kennel
Little Cute Dog On Milan Street
Dog Pouting
Labrador Retriever Dog
Mountain Biker And Dog On Road
Samoyed Dog Poses With Her Handler
Dog Waiting For The Postman
Dog Climbs Over Fence
French Bulldog Dog Playing
Little Girl Enjoying With Her Dog