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A List of Regal Yet Cool Greek Names for Dogs With their Meanings

Cool Greek Names for Dogs with their Meanings
If you're looking for a cool ethnic name for your dog, consider Greek names. Greek mythology offers many interesting names and there are many others derived from the Greek culture. We have given you some cool Greek names for dogs along with their meanings.
Neha B Deshpande
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Did You Know?
There is a special place for dogs in the Greek mythology. Dogs represent loyalty, courage, and friendship. Some of the famous dogs in Greek mythology were Argos, Laelaps and Cerberus.
If you're one of those who fancy the Greek language and want to give a Greek name to your pooch, there are many options. Greek mythological names have inspired many. Choosing a Greek Name for your pooch can be a really daunting task. Yet, nothing can beat the ethnic touch that these names have. From the names of Greek kings, to the names of their loyal dogs, you have plenty of options to choose from. Choose a Greek king's name, or the name of a famous Greek philosopher. Pick the name of a Greek mathematician or simply a Greek letter like alpha or beta, as the name of your dog.

The thought of Greek names for dogs reminds me of the famous story of Argos, the faithful dog of King Odysseus. Legend says that when the king returned to Ithaca, after the war of Troy, he was in disguise. No one except for Argos could recognize him. Such was the dog's love and loyalty towards his master. People of Ithaca had lost hope of the return of their king. But the faithful Argos knew that his master would come back. The dog is said to have breathed his last after seeing the king.
That's with dogs. They make the most wonderful pets that love their master selflessly and remain loyal to him, all their lives. You love your faithful friend as much, we know. Thinking of a befitting name for him? Here we give you some Greek names for dogs and their meanings.
Male Dogs
Dog Holding Branch In The Water
Achilles : Greek Warrior
Acis : River god of Sicily
Adonis meaning Handsome, good looking
Aeacus : Son of Zeus and Aegina
Aegeus Father of Theseus; king of athens
Aesop : Famous Greek Storyteller (His stories are popularly known as Aesop's Fables')
Agape meaning Love
Alexander : The famous Greek King who conquered the world.
Angelos meaning Angel
Apollo : God of beauty
Arcas : Greek mythological character, son of Zeus
Argos : Faithful Dog of King Odysseus
Ares : Greek god of war
Aristotle : Greek philosopher and student of Plato
Athen : Adapted from the city Athens
Atlas : Greek Mythological God who holds the earth on his back
Cerberus : Three Headed Dog
Chiron : A Centaur (Greek mythological character)
Cronus : King of Titans
Eros : God of love
Euclid : Greek Mathematician known as "Father of Geometry"
Eurus : God of Wind from the east
Hector : A Prince from Trojan
Helios : God of Sun
Hercules : Adapted from the Greek God Heracles
Hermes : Messenger of Olympian Gods
Homer : Ancient Greek Poet
Hypnos : God of Sleep
Jason meaning healer
Kratos : God of strength
Leander : Greek Mythological character
Oceanus : God of Oceans
Oracle : answer given by Gods
Owen: High born
Pan : God of shepherds
Peritas : Emperor Alexander's Dog
Philo : loving or fond of
Plato : Greek Philosopher
Plutus : God of Wealth
Poseidon : God of Sea
Thales : Greek Mathematician (means to blossom)
Theseus : Legendary mythological king
Titan : Ruler of Earth
Troy: Ancient Greek City
Tyrone meaning King
Uranus : God of Heavens
Xenos : Stranger
Zale : Strength of sea
Zelus : God of envy and zeal
Zeus : God of Sky
Female Dogs
Dog Frisbee
Acacia meaning Innocent
Acacia meaning Dear Sister
Aedesia: Famous Greek philosopher
Aethra : mother of Theseus
Agatha meaning good
Aglaia : Goddess of beauty
Agape meaning Love
Agnes meaning holy
Alexandra: adapted from the Greek King Alexander
Alpha : First Greek Alphabet
Alysa meaning princess
Alyx meaning Protector
Amazona : adapted from 'Amazon' city of female warriors
Anthea meaning blossom
Athena : Virgin Goddess of Courage, Law, and Wisdom
Aura meaning breeze
Beta : Second Greek Alphabet
Bia : Greek Goddess of Force
Chloe : green shoot
Cyanea meaning sky blue
Daphne : Greek mythological nymph
Delphi : A modern Greece town
Demeter : Goddess of Harvest
Dodona : Ancient Greek town
Ellie meaning 'bright'/light
Eris : Greek Goddess of discord
Gaia : Mother Earth
Galatea : Mythological character, love interest of Acis
Harmonia : Goddess of Harmony
Hebe : Hercules' wife
Helen : beautiful wife of King Menelaus
Hera : Wife of King Zeus
Iris : Goddess of Rainbow
Laelaps : Mythological Dog name that was never unsuccessful in hunting its prey
Leda : Ancient mythological character, mother of Helen
Mania meaning madness
Marea : Greek Mythological Dog belonging to Erigone
Megara : Oldest daughter of Creon
Metis : Goddess of Wisdom
Nemesis : Goddess of retribution for the wrongful deeds
Nike: Winged Goddess of Victory
Nyx : Goddess of night
Omega : Last letter in the Greek Alphabet
Ophelia meaning Help
Rhea : Wife of Cronus, Mother of Zeus
Selene : Goddess associated with the moon
Sparta : Ancient Greek City
Styx : Mythological Greek river
Thea : Goddess of Light
Themis : Goddess of Law
This was our list. Pick a name from this or build around the ones you have liked. Remember to choose a name that suits your dog's personality. And after going through this list, if you have thought of some more Greek dog names, do let us know through the comments' section below.
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