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Your Guide to Choosing Clothes for Large Dogs

Mamta Mule Nov 23, 2018
Shopping for clothes to dress up a big sized dog can be a fun-filled task with the beautiful varieties available in the stores. With perfectly sized clothes, trendy styles and the right accessories you can get set to give your pet a classic look.
Dressing up your pets in the right way is essential, not only for giving them a good look but also to keep their skin protected. While you search for dog clothes, you will find good varieties and finely crafted pieces for small dogs. Your large dog is also sure to get some good stuff as many stores have quality and well-tailored collection for all sizes.
But before you shop for the best dresses for your dog, you need to consider a few things and then move on to checkout the clothing options available for decking up your large dog.

Thing to Consider

Before you start shopping for clothes for large dogs, do checkout the right size of clothing that fits your dog. Check whether you need to buy medium, large, extra large or extra large dog clothes. This size also decides the size of accessories which you will be adding to the basic clothes.
Measure your dog's chest and stomach to have a rough idea of the suitable sizes which you can look for. Next important thing is to dress up your dog according to the weather. Lightweight and loose clothing for summers and warm clothing for winters is the rule that you follow, right?
Well, the rule is no different in case of your pets and hence you need to remember the temperature factor while shopping and readying your dog with lovely apparel.

Clothes Patterns

Clothes for extra large dogs and large dogs are available in a range of styles. Dogs collared shirts and round neck t-shirts are the best picks for giving them a smart look. You can find these in sleeved and sleeveless patterns, array of colors and prints.
T-shirts having funny and exciting quotations written on the back are definitely the coolest outfits which can be used when you take your dog for morning or evening walks. Apart from these, trendy jackets and coats which come with Velcro straps or large buttons make great looking patterns.
For winters you can buy nice t-shirts and play up the look by adding a bit larger denim jacket. Thick coats with fur collars are also available in a range of designs.
The female styles are a must checkout in the section of clothes. You will be surprised to find extremely eye-catching styles in these. T-shirts with attached skirts, skirts with gathered pleats or box pleats are a big hit in the category. You can find some stunning dog dresses graced with lovely frills, bows and belts as well.
Well, if you are dressing your female dog for a special party, make sure you grab a nice pink sequined, halter top and a frilly pink skirt! Believe me, you can find these and many such attractive clothing pieces for large dogs.
While you shop for clothes and accessories for large dogs, going for a brand or picking an inexpensive piece depends upon your choice. If you don't have a budget, go for designer clothes. These clothes are also best to be picked when you are searching for some exclusive styles for dressing up your large dog on special occasions.
Make sure you buy matching accessories that will complement the dresses. Colored goggles, wide leather belts, scarves and caps are amongst the most popular clothing accessories for dogs.
Browse through the online shopping websites as well to find some truly unique styles and designs. So are you ready to dress up your dog? Well, female or male clothing styles, choice is yours! Then, let all those eyes turn towards your perfectly dressed up dog!