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Creative and Clever Ways to Make Dog Food Storage Containers

Clever Ways to Make Dog Food Storage Containers
Storing pet food can be a complete mess if not done properly, whereas sometimes, doing it in style becomes mandatory. Would you like your guests to see your pet's food bags lying shabbily in a corner? Of course not! DogAppy will not only help you live in style, but your dog as well with some elaborate and clever ways to make dog food storage containers.
Mukta Badipatla
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
The most important criteria for dog food storage containers is that they should be non-leaky, airtight, and of a stackable design.
It is a pleasure to have dogs as pets. These fur balls are not only a source of joy, but also a great responsibility to handle. The food that you provide them has to be stored in a hygienic manner. You also have to make sure that in your absence, the food is not entirely eaten up by the dog. But in an attempt to be safe and clean, do you always have to compromise when the storage containers do not match your decor? The options listed below will flood you with creative ideas. Style, hygiene, and safety, you name it and you will find it. It's time to go that extra mile for your 'animal' best friend.
Short Antique Table with Drawers
Classic wooden dresser
Is there a short table with drawers in your attic, which is not in use? Use the upper drawer to pack dog food. In the lower drawer, you can fix metal bowls in order to serve food to the dog. So, this becomes a food storage-cum-dining table for your dog. Isn't that creative?
Large Porcelain Pots
Porcelain pots
Large porcelain pots can be decorative dog food storage containers. The lid on top is essential as it helps to keep the dog food dry and hygienic. Choose an attractive porcelain pot, which complements your decor.
Old Metal Food Can
Old round tin box
After thoroughly sterilizing the old food can, you can add a dash of paint to it to give a new and reformed look. This is another way to keep the dog food in an airtight container.
Huge Milk Can
Milk can
These huge milk cans can be painted according to your home decor and then it is good to be used as a food storage container.
Wooden Containers
Dog bowl
Do you have a lot of brown in your decor? These wooden log-shaped storage containers are perfect for you then. But hey, wait! It doesn't end there! For serving the dog, there are metal bowls attached at the top of the containers. You might as well have a small picture of your pet stuck on the storage container. We are sure that your guests will go bonkers over this.
Mason Jars
Pumpkin dog biscuits
How can we forget mason jars? These not only ensure that the dog food is dry, but also that it is free from ants and rodents.
Tupperware Tubs
Tupperware containers
Tupperware containers or tubs are something which are usually available in your kitchen. These can be used as dog food storage containers. Tupperware containers are easy to stack and are airtight. This helps in keeping the kibble clean and dry.
Laundry Bags
Pack of dog foods
Use laundry bags for storing dog food. Isn't that a cost-efficient method? Plus, it serves as a multipurpose bag!
Earthen Pots
Earthen pots
Who knew that earthen pots could be used for dog food storage as well? But don't forget to add a dose of creativity to it before putting it in use. Try some contrast colors while painting on the pot. Make sure to put a lid over it.
Dog Food On Wheels
Yellow recycle bin
Fed up of having to lift the lid off that 5 kg-heavy dog food container? The next time you will not have to do so! Trash cans help you to store food on wheels. Make sure that these cans were not used previously for throwing in trash.
Paint Can
Paint can
Reuse the old paint cans for storing dog food. These can be provided with a lid to keep the food dry and prevent the formation of molds.
These clever ideas for dog food storage will ensure you that your home becomes a pretty place. There will never be any dog food lying around that's unhygienic, keeping you and your dog happy and healthy.
Empty green plant pot
plant container
Ceramic Bowls On Gray Background
Wooden Bowl