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Chihuahua Puppy Training Tips

Chihuahua Puppy Training Tips
Chihuahua or Chihuahueno is the smallest breed of canines in the world. The animal is known to be very loyal and gentle by nature. Training a Chihuahua pup involves a lot of patience and regular rewards. Once trained, this canine is the perfect watchdog.
Gaynor Borade
Last Updated: Dec 22, 2018
The Chihuahua is named after a state in Mexico. The dog breed is a popular contender for pet adoption due to its devotion to the household and highly protective, fearless nature. By nature the canine is gentle and loving, and very sweet-tempered.
The breed makes excellent watchdogs and they socialize well with their own kind. They are popular companions for the owners and can get vary of strangers. This is what makes them just right for the modern home.
Training Procedures
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Training the Chihuahua puppy is a very important part of pet care and needs to be addressed in time. There is no real age limit to wait for or consider the pup 'right for training'. They learn early and maintain leads for life.
This is a very important aspect of training. The pup needs to be introduced to members of the family, friends, and other pets as early as possible. The puppy gets well-adjusted and regular socializing will make the animal fearless and non-aggressive.
Socializing is very important from the point of view that prior to commencing any other training, the unsocial animals simply becomes an unwanted liability.
This puppy is not very easy to train and hence, you could help the animal to get more accustomed to new situations and everyone around you, prior to taking on the otherwise Herculean task of teaching it commands. You could invite people in your regular home environment and friends and also other vaccinated pet dogs to play with the pup.
Comfort Level
Reaching and maintaining a comfort level with the little one is important to win the animal's love and attention. Even puppy training involves adhering to the age-old saying: "Respect begets Respect." It should be tempered with respect to help the animal to learn self control and discipline and display the best dog behavior.
Once you attain a comfort level with the animal, training sessions becomes much easier. The pup needs an 'alpha' and leader during the sessions and a very transparent social hierarchy. This is achieved only through developing a comfort level.
Home Training
The pup should be trained to live within the confines of the modern home. It is very essential to establish good habits like fixed meal times and defecating areas early to promote pet health. If kept for later, the training becomes very time-consuming and extremely tedious.
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The animal needs to be trained to adjust within the limitations of the modern home, especially one without a large back or front yard.
  • Fixed Meal Timings: The meal timings fixed for the animal should ideally be a little before your own. This prevents the animal from 'begging' for more or being around when the family is dining. The latter scenario could be damaging to the health of children and adults suffering from bronchitis or asthma.
  • Monitored Defecating Areas: It is also important to ensure that the animal recognizes a time and place to defecate. Leaving the toilet door slightly ajar when you are not around and toilet training the pup to use it for urination is a good idea when the pup is adjusting to apartment rules.
Puppy Exercise
Similarly, the pup needs to be taken outdoors at regular intervals, at least thrice a day, to defecate. If the area is fixed, it will take the puppy no time to identify one particular spot.
Reward the Good, Suspend the Bad
The pups are easy to train if the basics are first established. The reward method works best with the animal.
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Every time the pup obeys a 'sit', 'fetch', or 'down' command, it should be rewarded with a biscuit or bone or any type of pet food. You could also reward the canine with some pet product or toy.
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Similarly, on any contrary behavior, if the animal disobeys or shows aggression, you could shift the dog bed, crate, or dog kennel from its preferred spot or take away a favorite toy. You will be surprised at how fast your pup learns.
Chihuahua puppy training involves the implementation of the 'praise and reward' system, strict timings, and regular monitoring to achieve the desired level of self control.