Chihuahua Puppy Growth Chart

Looking for a chihuahua puppy growth chart that will help you predict an approximate weight of your pet in future? This pet care article covers a chihuahua puppy growth rate chart that will help you know if your pet is developing just the way it should.
Chihuahua dogs are one of the smallest dogs in the world. The tiny pup will grow in a lively small dog. Looking at the size of your favorite pet, one often wonders how big will my chihuahua puppy grow? One is tempted to estimate the future weight of their puppy that will grow up to just about 6 to 10 inches, for both males and females.

When you go through the weight chart below, you will find it gives just estimates about how much should your pup weigh at what age. The chart contains weight measured in ounces. Keep in mind, this chart is just an estimation. Your puppy's growth depends on the size of the parents, activity level, nutrition provided and if the dog has inherited certain genes. If you know you puppy's weight in pounds, you can refer to the following formula. This will help you convert pounds into ounces and measure your puppy's weight according to the following chihuahua puppy growth rate chart.

Number of solid pounds x 16 + number of % of pounds

In order to understand the above formula, let me explain with the help of the following example:

If the weight of the dog is about 2.2 pounds, you will calculate his weight in ounces as follows:

2 (number of solid pounds) x 16 + 2 (number from the .2 present in the pups weight) = 24 ounces.

Chihuahua Weight and Growth Chart in Ounces

In the following chihuahua puppy growth chart, you need to refer to the age in weeks mentioned in the far left. Then follow the row along the right and stop at the point at which your puppy is currently. Go down the column and stop at the final estimated weight. This will help you guess the predicted weight of your dog at a particular age.

Birth2.5 oz2.75 oz3 oz3.5 oz4 oz4.25 oz4.5 oz5 oz5.5 oz
1 week3.75455.56.57899.5
2 weeks55.56.579101112.513.5
3 weeks67891113141617.5
4 weeks789.5111315171921
5 weeks891113151719.52224
6 weeks91112.51517.520222427
7 weeks101214.51719.52224.52730
8 weeks1113161921.524272933
9 weeks121517.5202326293235
10 weeks131619222528313438
11 weeks141721242731343742
12 weeks151922263033374145
13 weeks162024283236404449
14 weeks172226303439434752
15 weeks192328323741465156
16 weeks202530343944495459
17 weeks212631364146515762
18 weeks222833374348546065
19 weeks232934394450566267
20 weeks243035414652586470
21 weeks253136424854606672
22 weeks253237434956626874
23 weeks263338445057647076
24 weeks263339455158657178
25 weeks273440465259667279
26 weeks273440475360677380
Final Adult Weight2 lb2.5 lb3 lb3.5 lb4 lb4.5 lb5 lb5.5 lb6 lb
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You can use the above chihuahua puppy growth chart to see if you pet is growing and developing normally. I repeat once again, these are just estimates. Your puppy weight will depend on many factors. Therefore, if you find something drastically wrong or an extreme deviation from the predicted growth chart, consult a veterinarian. Your dogs vet is the best guide when it comes to development of a chihuahua pup into a healthy dog.
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