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Characteristics of Rottweilers

Having a fair idea about the characteristics of different dog breeds is always advisable, if you are planning to adopt a pet dog. This article will provide you with some insight into the characteristics of the Rottweiler breed.
DogAppy Staff
With many different dog breeds to choose from, you may find it difficult to zero in on the one that is best suited for your requirements. A comparison of different breeds is always advisable. You have to take into consideration, various factors like, looks, age, gender, size, compatibility, health problems, specific requirements, etc. If you are looking for a loyal companion with good looks, muscular body, smartness, calm nature and steady temperament, then, Rottweilers can be one of the ideal options. But, before choosing this breed, you must be aware of both positives and negatives of Rottweiler characteristics.
Rottweilers - An Overview
One of the popular dog breeds, Rottweilers are said to have been associated with humans, since the time of ancient Romans. These dogs were primarily used for herding cattle and guarding camps run by the Roman Army. Such an army camp was situated in a small town, which is the present day Rottweil (a small town in south Germany). With time, cattle trade flourished in this town and this resulted in the increased use of Rottweilers. The advent of railroads during the initial years of the twentieth century resulted in the decline of this breed. Once again, these dogs got popular with their inclusion in the police force of Germany. Later, the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club. Today, it is one of the popular dog breeds, across the globe.
Rottweilers are categorized as medium to large-sized dogs with a compact and muscular body. They have a thick, coarse, black coat with tan or brown markings. They are strong and powerful with a fearless attitude. These dogs are also found to be obedient as well as loyal. They are very popular as family dogs. However, you must try to understand the positive and negative characteristics of Rottweilers, before choosing one as your pet.
Rottweiler Characteristics
Mostly, people go for looks while choosing a pet dog breed. Besides the appearance, characteristics too need to be taken into consideration. Rottweilers are often described as loyal dogs with a calm and steady temperament. The following are some of the characteristics of Rottweilers.
With a compact, muscular and powerful body, Rottweilers are strong, courageous and agile. They are intelligent dogs that can be trained easily. Rottweilers are also easy to groom.
They are calm and confident with a fearless look. These dogs are also found to be territorial and always alert. Rottweilers have an innate tendency to guard and protect the family and premises.
Though they are loyal and loving companions, Rottweilers are found to be reserved towards strangers. They cannot be easily influenced by strangers. These dogs may get suspicious of strangers and may also get aggressive with them.
Rottweilers are often found to be good companions and are being increasingly used as service dogs. The personality of a Rottweiler may vary with individual dogs. While some are found to be aloof, some others are playful and affectionate.
Protective instinct of the dog may turn into aggressiveness at times. These dogs may also get aggressive, if they perceive any threat to the family. Even the exceptional strength of the dog may prove negative, as it turns aggressive. In order to avoid this, you must make sure that the dog is properly socialized.
With plenty of energy and intelligence, they require some stimuli. You have to keep Rottweilers entertained with physical activities, especially exercises like outdoor walks. A bored Rottweiler may turn destructive.
Rottweiler owners have increased chances of facing legal liabilities, due to the wrong reputation of the dog. Rottweilers are one among those dog breeds that can be banned in certain regions. It has also been observed that Rottweiler owners face difficulty in leasing a home or in obtaining home insurance policies.
Rottweilers have a tendency to bully family members. This has to be discouraged at the very beginning with proper obedience training. Some of these dogs may be stubborn, dominant and obstinate. So, it is a necessity that you make them understand that you are the boss. This can be achieved through proper Rottweiler training only.
They are not found to be compatible with male members of the same breed. With other animals, they may gel well, if they are being raised together. A properly socialized Rottweiler may not pose problems when confronted with other animals. They have a medium rating, as far as compatibility with kids is concerned.
The above said is a brief overview of Rottweiler characteristics. It can be concluded that a Rottweiler is indeed a great companion, if the owner is capable of raising the dog properly. Apart from providing these dogs with love and companionship, the owner must also give them proper obedience training and socialization. He/she must also supervise them properly. If possible, train them at a very young age. Make sure that you buy Rottweiler puppies (or adults) from a reputed breeder. While puppies can be trained, adult dogs have to be chosen carefully.
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