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Zealous Characteristics of Admirable Boxer-Labrador Mix Breed

Characteristics of Boxer-Labrador Mix Breed
The Boxer-Labrador mix breed is a very energetic and downright affectionate dog. Aptly named the Boxador, this hybrid takes many positive traits from both its parents. This DogAppy article provides some pictures and facts about the characteristics of this mix breed.
Priyanka Athavale
Last Updated: May 8, 2018
Choose Wisely!
Interact with a Boxador puppy before buying it if you are looking for one with specific behavioral traits of either of its parents. It can never be said which parent breed's gene will be dominant in a hybrid pup.
The name Boxador sounds dangerous, doesn't it? Well it should, because this is as far as the dog can go in seeming scary. By nature, it is a complete sweetheart, a sucker for love and attention, and always ready to roll! It will play with the kids all day long, be a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day, and love you to death!
Since both its parents, the Labrador and the Boxer, are extremely loving and have a positive outlook towards everything in their life, the Boxador becomes extra special because it can give double the love and happiness. This dog's enthusiasm is strong enough to rub off on you and make you want to enjoy life to the fullest. And don't think that it will be a completely useless guard dog. What did you think its looks were for, huh? The following paragraphs list some of the characteristics of this pretentiously menacing bundle of joy.
Purebred boxer dog
Purebred boxer dog
Purebred Labrador
Purebred Labrador
Boxer-Labrador Mix Pup
Boxer-Labrador Mix Pup
This hybrid takes after its parents, and will be on the heavier side of the scale. The size of the breed is quite big, sometimes bigger than the parents! Males weigh between 75 to 100 pounds, while females will be between 50 to 70 pounds, on an average.

The height is also similar to the parent breeds, sometimes taller. Coat colors are numerous, with black, tan, and brindle being the relatively common ones. The coat is like the Boxer's; short and sleek. The head is bigger and wider than that of a Labrador. The jaw is like a Boxer, with droopy jowls. The ears are like the Labrador, and the tail is slightly curled if left uncropped.
This dog takes the best from both its parents. It is intelligent, loving, and very, very, very playful. Like the Boxer and the Labrador, it is very affectionate, positive, and excellent with children. It will love its family the most, and may experience separation anxiety if left alone for too long. It is very pro-human and loves to be in the company of someone or the other most of the time.
There is a misconception among people that Boxers are bad or dangerous dogs, but they are just as loving, playful, and patient as Labradors. A plus point to their personality is that they are quite territorial and possessive. They will defend and protect their family from any perceived harm. Labradors, on the other hand, make one of the worst guard dogs in the history of guarding. There is not one mean bone in their body, and although they may bark at something suspicious, there is little chance that they may attack. This people-loving nature of both the parents is taken by the Boxador too.
You need to take this aspect very, very seriously. Because if you do not, you will get a different kind of exercise―cleaning the chewed up remnants of whatever object your dog took fancy to today. The energy requirements of this breed are tremendous. It is always jumping with joy, with the same amount of enthusiasm, and never seems to get tired. It has boundless energy and is always in a "yeah, let's do it!" kind of mind frame.
If you are looking for a quiet, calm, lazy breed that you can sit in your lap and play with, and take for a short walk for a few minutes every day, then boy! This is the wrong dog for you. The Boxador's under-exercised state can be described using a famous dialog from The Godfather, with some additions of its own―"I will make you an offer you cannot refuse." You literally cannot; here's why, "Either you take me for a run and play with me everyday in our big yard, or I'll get bored and chew the house down, okay?" See? Told you.
The Boxador is a relatively healthy breed with no major health issues. Grain allergies are the only main cause of concern. This may cause your dog to experience loose stools, irritation of the skin, or a need to lick its paws or tummy. It is thankfully saved from the common health problems of its parent breeds, like hip dysplasia or blindness in the Labrador, or hypothyroidism and heart issues in the Boxer. This is the main advantage of a mix breed dog―less susceptibility to health issues due to inheritance of the stronger genes. The lifespan of this breed is between 12 to 15 years.
Moderate grooming is enough for the Boxador, and it only sheds in the summer season. During this time, however, a weekly grooming and bathing session is important. For the rest of the year, it is on an 'as required' basis. As you can see, this dog compensates for its hyperactive nature by giving you a break in the grooming department.
Living Conditions
After reading about its naturally hyperactive nature, it is safe to assume that the Boxador may not do as well in an apartment or a small space as it may in a house with a big yard. However, if you are willing to give it that 30 minutes, twice-a-day minimum workout, or you are someone that likes to take your dog for a run or cycling session with you, then it may do just fine in an apartment.
Being ever ready to please its owners at any chance it gets, the Boxador is not very difficult to train. It is intelligent, just like its parents, and is always willing to try new things. However, keep in mind that your training technique must be firm but kind, and with a lot of positive reinforcement. Treats and praises work wonders, and scolding or hitting are the worst things you can do. Never shout at your pet; dogs really do not understand what you mean, and they really cannot help it either. You may end up scarring it emotionally. So, provide a positive and encouraging training session, and your Boxador will amaze you with its smartness.
Isn't the Boxador simply adorable? It is the dog that you need if you have joie de vivre and want to share it with your pet. It is also the dog you get if you want a companion who loves you to death and will do just about anything for you. Just give the dog the exercise and attention it needs, and it will give you infinite love in return.
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