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Chain Link Dog Kennel

Shashank Nakate Sep 26, 2018
Keeping the dog in the house is possible only till it is young and small in size. Instead of fencing the entire backyard, one can choose to have a chain link dog fence. Having this kennel in the backyard is a good option to provide dogs with a comfortable and strong shelter.
To build a chain link dog fence, one needs to plan properly, gather the required material, and allocate a suitable place for it in the backyard.
Chain link dog kennels are manufactured from metal wires which protect the dog from harsh conditions and provide a comfortable space to spend most of their day's time.

Materials and Requirements

These fences are made from galvanized steel, which is weather proof and durable. The fences are portable which facilitates their easy movement across the backyard. While deciding upon the size, one should take into account the needs of a grown up dog.
Since a big dog requires a large space, the space factor gains importance. The height is also an area of concern. Some of the dogs can easily jump over a four feet fence. Thus, the height needs to be considered carefully before installation. The height usually ranges from three to ten feet.
There is a great variety in the types of wires available. Building this fencing needs planning in advance to consider various factors such as the place, the materials required and shade, if necessary.
The posts needed for this could either be metal ones or ones made from timber. The difference in the process of installing metal and timber posts is that the former needs to be fixed permanently in the ground, with the help of concrete.
The timber posts however, can be moved from one place to another, making the chain link dog kennel a portable one. The installation should be done at home. It avoids the cost of hiring a pro and also adds to your knowledge.
The flooring should also be given due consideration to make it comfortable. Nowadays, the floors manufactured from high-density polymer resins are available in the market. The prominent features of these floors are that these are dig-resistant, chew-proof, and strong. To prevent the dogs from slipping, non-skid surfaces prepared from rubber should be used.

Precautions and Care

These fences are strong and easy to use, but can cause severe injury to the pets if the wire is rusty. The wire should be treated properly to protect it from rusting. If the dog is injured by a rusty metal protrusion, there are chances of tetanus infection.
The solution to this problem is to weld the wires to the steel frames properly. Techniques such as the 'direct drill', prove to be useful in keeping the frame strong and intact.
One more precaution to be taken is to check the kennel for any open spaces. An open space, large enough to fit a dog's head could prove to be dangerous. The dog might get stuck in the wires and suffer from serious injuries. At worst, the animal might even die of suffocation. Having proper shade is necessary to protect the pet from harsh weather.
Some companies offer chain link dog kennels manufactured from galvanized steel. These are long-lasting and durable. These are also easy to assemble and dismantle. Thus, the time required in setting them up is less as compared to the others.
Following the aforementioned instructions and taking necessary care allows us to build a strong fence. It not only provides the dog with a safe enclosure, but is also a comfortable place to spend time.