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Caring for Your English Bulldog

Caring for Your English Bulldog

Thinking of getting a pet? Do you think English bulldogs are adorable? Here is some information about them that you should read before getting a puppy for yourself.
Khushnuma Irani
I am sure most of us know what bulldogs are, but for those who don't, remember Spike and his son Tyke from the cartoon Tom and Jerry? Well those are what bulldogs look like. English bulldogs are a more affectionate and cuddly version of what you saw in the cartoons. Some might call them ugly and others might call them cuddly. What makes these dogs so popular as a pet is their docility, their appearance, and the companionship they give.

History of the Breed

Dog sports were an important part in 17th century Britain. People would use dogs and indulge in contests for recreation and sport. This is where this breed came into the picture. These dogs were used in bull baiting and bear baiting, and hence, got their name. This dog is a descendant of the ancient mastiffs of Asia, and has changed considerably from the mean fighter dog it was considered to be.

Temperament, Characteristics, and Appearance

Even though they are called bulldogs, bully isn't a term one would use on present day English bulldogs. They are completely opposite in temperament. They are friendly and docile, and make perfect house pets even in homes with small children. The first thing you are going to notice about them is their broad head and round eyes. Their sagging jowls and short muzzle is part of their appeal. They have a broad body and a distinctive waddle that makes them so much cuter. Remember, this is a breed that requires attention at all times. These dogs are also stubborn by nature, along with being hyperactive and naughty.

It is important that you get your puppy from an English bulldog breeder to make sure you are getting a pure breed and not a mixed breed, as most of these puppies are a cross with boxers or pugs which originate from the same line. Get as much information as you can about the breeder, so as to avoid problems with your dog later on.

  • You have to be careful about what you feed your puppy. Consult with the breeder before you get the puppy, and feed it appropriately. Once the puppy is a year old, it shouldn't be fed more than twice a day. And remember to feed it at a particular time, and give it fresh water to drink.
  • There are certain foods that you need to avoid giving your pet. Foods containing sugar, beef, and high protein can create problems for your dog.
  • Hygiene is important, and hence, bathing is an important part of caring. These dogs have a lot of sagging skin and folds. These can accumulate dirt and fungus. You need to bathe your dog once a week with a suitable shampoo and clean it with wipes on a regular basis.
  • The weather is important for this dog. They cannot tolerate extreme heat and sunlight. So take care while taking your dog out in the heat.
  • Exercising your pet is important, but these dogs should not be overexerted, as this can harm them severely.
Caring for any pet requires not only a lot of knowledge, but also a lot of patience. The role you play is that of a parent; a role that comes with immense responsibility. If you notice something weird in your dog's behavior, take him to a vet immediately.
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