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Meet the Buggs - A Cross Between Boston Terriers and Pugs

Bugg - A Cross Between Boston Terrier and Pug
It's easy to be overwhelmed with the cuteness of the Boston Terrier-Pug mix, but there's a lot more to this dog besides his adorable looks. DogAppy introduces you to the extremely cute and incredible Bugg.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Don't let the Bugg's size fool you ...
Being part-Pug, you ought to know that the Bugg can also have a voracious appetite. If you fail to monitor this dog's diet, it won't take too much time for him to turn into a doggie version of King Kong.
It is really hard to maintain a straight face when you find yourself in the company of a Bugg. This little dog, with his large, dopey eyes, and an equally dopey expression to match, will regale you with his comical presence for hours on end. Not surprising then, that the Bugg has become an immensely popular mix even among first-time dog keepers.

The Bugg gets his mischievous charm and impish good looks from his parents, the Boston Terrier and the Pug. As a mix, he inherits his physical characteristics and personality traits from both parents. Here's a brief on the parent breeds before we move on to meeting the Bugg.
Boston terrier
Height: 12 - 15 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 10 - 25 lb.
Lifespan: 13 - 15 years
► The Boston Terrier happens to be a smart, loving, and good-looking companion dog. Despite his stubborn streak, he still remains a delight to train, as long as the interaction is full of positive reinforcements. He is quiet, loving, and absolutely devoted to his humans, which makes him an ideal pet for families. He does have a comical side to his personality, and makes for a very fun pet to keep.
Pug front view
Height: 10 - 14 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 14 - 18 lb.
Lifespan: 12 - 15 years
► What more can be said about the Pug that hasn't been elaborated already? This is one of the most popular breeds in the world owing to its amazing personality and cute looks. Pugs are rightfully known as the clowns among dogs and are major suckers for attention. The Pug's appetite is legendary, and his diet must be monitored strictly to avoid obesity. Overall, this is one amazing and one-of-a-kind dog.
Black bug doggi
The Bugg is a little bundle of cuteness, and tends to have a mishmash of features, borrowed from the Pug and the Boston Terrier. These include the flat, dark face, the curled tail, and the round, bulging eyes. He will have a short coat, which may come in varied shades of brown or black, and also have different patterns including the tuxedo or brindle. He will have those characteristic big, round eyes typical to both parents. The Bugg's weight will average between 15 and 20 pounds.

Buggs get a clean bill of health, as long as you've sourced them from a responsible breeder. This dog will be prone to eye injuries as a result of his bulging eyes. Also, due to his short snout, the Bugg must be protected from extreme heat and humidity. Keep him indoors at all times, as his compact size and build does not withstand harsh weather conditions.

Where do we even begin? This breed is known for its goofy nature and clownish antics, which provide endless entertainment for the humans at home. This dog may have a stubborn streak―a common feature in both parents. Therefore, take the effort to train and socialize this dog since a young age. This will ensure that he grows up to be a well-behaved, affectionate, and even-tempered dog. Buggs are very playful and love to interact with children. They are also highly intelligent and possess a keen sense of observation―yes, you can teach them various tricks in no time. They can also be a bit territorial and possessive about their favorite people, and will hate it if they are isolated or ignored for long. Remember, the Bugg is a devoted dog who gets attached to his family in no time, and loves to follow you wherever you go. This is not the right breed for those who are out of the house all day long―the Bugg will not appreciate being abandoned, and will let you know in no uncertain terms. You'll be glad to know that the Bugg is not an enthusiastic barker, which along with his small size makes him a great companion to keep in small apartments.

Grooming and Exercise
The Bugg has average requirements when it comes to grooming and exercise. Take him on short walks on a daily basis and encourage him to run around. This breed is prone to obesity if his diet is not monitored, so you need to ensure that he gets his fair share of exercise. Brush his coat 2 -3 times a week to keep it shiny and clean, and bathe him once a month. Clip his nails regularly as they won't break off naturally because he is meant to be a mostly-indoors kind of pet. Clean his ears regularly, and keep a check on his eyes to spot any signs of an infection.
This lovely bundle of joy has a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years―a time during which you will be loved, entertained, and amused by the most adorable pet you'll ever have the pleasure of keeping. Bring home a Bugg as soon as you can, and prepare yourself to fall in love with this goofy rogue.
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