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Boxer Dog Facts

Looking for some interesting facts about Boxers? If yes, then you can just scroll down and know all about these cute, sturdy and lively to the core Boxer dogs.
DogAppy Staff
First look at a Boxer and you find the dog to be sophisticated, aloof and a reserved kind of dog. This look may make you think twice and wonder, are these dogs dangerous? You may worry that the dog will turn out to be an unsuitable pet for the family. This is where you are wrong. Once you get your facts cleared, you will love having these beautiful dogs as pets.
Interesting Facts About Boxers
A handsome, athletic dog, Boxers make excellent family dogs. They are powerful and boisterous who were first developed in Germany during the 19th century. They are well-built for dog fighting and are therefore fearless canines, who are ready to die protecting their family.
These are medium-sized dogs who are very intelligent. They are highly devoted towards their family. They are extremely good with children and take special care to protect them. They crave for attention and need a family who will give them a lot of care, love and affection. However, when it comes to strangers they turn a bit reserved. This quality makes them as good watchdogs. Once they get to know a person, they become quite friendly. They are active dogs who need a lot of exercise. Failing this, the dog turns aggressive and develops behavioral issues like excessive chewing, barking, digging, etc. Keep him active and make him do plenty of exercise, and your dog will remain cheerful and happy.
When it comes to training, Boxer dogs are easy to train. As they are intelligent, they will quickly learn new tricks. However, never, ever punish the dog harshly or carry out constant corrections. These dogs are happy, playful in nature and will do fine with positive reinforcements. Praise them, give them rewards and make training fun for them. This will help them learn faster and better. As they are easy to control with positive reinforcements, they make good pets for first time dog owners.
You know by now, Boxers need a lot of exercise. They are highly adaptable dogs and won't mind living in apartments. Yet, they have their needs to be answered. You need to take them for a walk twice a week. Jogging, running and playing 'frisbee' will be enough to make them happy.
Boxer Dogs and Family
When adopting a dog, one always thinks if it is suitable for family life, especially with kids. Boxers are very gentle with children and love being around them. They are playful themselves and children give them a chance to be mischievous. However, it is important that you introduce a Boxer to kids early on. This will ensure they bond well and there are no cases of jealousy. However, Boxers should be supervised when they are around very young children. This is because they are powerful dogs and may knock off a child while playing.
Boxers do not need to be pampered with excessive grooming. Brush their coat once a week, and that will be enough for these dogs. Make sure you clean their ears regularly and seek professional help to clip their toe nails.
Health Issues
These dogs will drool and snore a lot. This is because of their short snout. These dogs have issues regulating their body temperature and therefore, are not suitable for regions with extreme temperature. These dogs are prone to aortic stenosis, Boxer cardiomyopathy, hypothyroidism, etc. They may even have gastric dilation and bloating problems. Boxers may even develop demodectic mange, corneal dystrophy among other health issues.
Are White Boxers Rare?
No, white Boxers are not rare dogs. There are about 20 to 25% Boxers who are born white. They are not considered to be albino dogs either. They are white due to presence of the extreme piebald gene. It has been found that majority of white Boxers are deaf in one or both ears. They are also prone to being sunburned and commonly suffer from skin cancers.
Boxers are very friendly dogs and you will love getting home one as a pet. Regular veterinarian visits, will ensure the dog remains healthy and disease free. They are cute and comical and will keep you entertained at all times.