Information on Black Pit Bulls

Learn how to handle a black pit bull, through this write-up. They sure make great pets if trained properly.
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Black pit bulls make for a great pet for dog lovers. There are many other varieties of colors available, like deep red, blue, tan, and brindle. You should not get confused with a blue pit bull while considering a black one. Many people have a completely different perception about black pit bulls, and they often believe in the myth that they're more aggressive than other pits. But the fact is, pit bulls are the same irrespective of their color. The community of those people who keep pit bulls for fighting purposes are sure to understand that the color of your pit bulls has nothing to do with their aggressiveness.
Black Pit Bulls
These pit bulls are among the most popular American pit bulls, because they are available in abundance all over the United States. Often, people seek a blue pit bull and end up buying a black one. This occurs if the customer is not knowledgeable enough. It also depends on the intensity of the black color. Other colors of pits or getting a pit bull colored artificially, may cost you around USD 5,000.
People tend to believe myths attached with the black pit. A negative reputation has been linked to these dogs lately, which is why people resist buying and keeping them as pets. They have an image of being antisocial and human aggressors. Well, I am not denying the cases associated with pit bull assaults, but nobody has gone deep into the cause of such attacks. The fact is that, many owners and breeders have treated this breed with cruelty and harshness, which turns these dogs into human aggressors.
Solid black pit bulls are in fact one of the most loving dogs in the world. As far as their rankings of temperaments go, they are at the top of the list, but you will be surprised to know that this list includes poodles who demonstrate a higher aggression level than black pit bulls. Kennels and breeders should bring up the puppies with kindness, and teach them mannerisms right in the beginning, so that they grow into friendly and obedient dogs.
It is only recently that these dogs have gained an image of an antisocial and human aggressor dog. In fact, they're known to be so loyal that they were considered to be the most reliable dogs in the military. A dog called Sergeant Stubby was the only dog who earned a promotion during a war. He could locate wounded soldiers, and he warned his army about the incoming artillery. He also helped in capturing a German spy. This famous black pit bull was with Woodrow Wilson and Calvin Coolidge, and finally died in 1926. Some other famous personalities who owned black pits include Theodore Roosevelt, Helen Keller, and General George Patton. So, what exactly makes the image of this breed so negative? It is the media that seems to make huge propaganda about every small attack. A chihuahua will never be attacked by the media, in spite of being the dog that bites the most.
Tips for Owners
If you have made up your mind to own a black pit bull, all you need to concentrate on is the training. Pit bulls that are black, or rather all kinds of this breed, require a lot of training. Besides, you should always research on the reputation of the breeder you are buying your pit from. Beware of low quality breeders who are only interested in making money. You must take your own sweet time in researching the best breeders around your area. Black and white pit bulls could also be an alternative for you to consider getting. Whatever you choose, just be sure of the breeder's image. Here's a small piece of information―a breeder who lets two dogs of the same breed mate, is often considered an expert dog breeder. Unfortunately, in case of black pits, breeders are only interested in making money, irrespective of the breeding principles.
One thing is sure though―these dogs are amazing as pets, although they aren't the right dogs for everyone. What's more important is treating them with love, kindness, and they will turn out to be the best pet and companion, who will do anything to protect and please the entire family.
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